Model & 89.9 FM Radio Personality Kayla Nicole Reveals Biggest Challenges For Upcoming Models

Kayla Nicole 2Prince Vega – Gorgeous model & 89.9 FM radio personality Kayla Nicole recently shared her views with Internet Hollywood after our reporters brought up the trending talk of our community column where models from Hartford County, Connecticut opened up about the jealousy that’s has been causing a great deal of feuds between models in search of the spotlight. Although we the first question was unrelated to the trending topic, we touched down on something similar along the way. We first welcomed the beautiful young and talented model to our universe and proceed to question her on what she thought was the biggest challenge when it came to trying to be a model. Her answer definitely was priceless!

“I think the hardest thing about being a model isn’t even the fear of the con artists, or scammers, or photographers, or fake agencies, or the fear of failing. To me the hardest thing is expanding your following. Basically we models can not grow and be known unless we expand our following & that’s not as easy as it sounds. You want to have a genuine support system and backing and fan base, not a purchased one. It’s hard because females especially love to hate instead of love, they don’t support because they don’t understand the grind & what work really goes into it. Unless you’ve tried it & walked in the shoes of an upcoming artist, you can’t knock our hustles. “If it was easy everyone would do it.” But y’all don’t. So the least ya could do is SUPPORT!”

She continued:

“The biggest challenge as well when it comes to trying to be a known recognized model is like I said before as well, your fan base. You’re support system. If people see you have that, if you have 10k solid fans, it’s easier for people of status to believe in you and put money and a team behind you. Other than the support system I would say the other biggest challenge of trying to be a model is staying relevant and up to date with everything that’s “popular” because as much as people like “different” – you have to showcase your popular image in my opinion before you can come out trying to be different … You have to be accepted by the world and man, that’s hard! I still don’t know why people have a hard time accepting artists & supporting them. Maybe because they don’t have the balls or courage to follow their dreams themselves so they envy us.

Q: Would you say the thought of all that made you think twice about modeling? That sounds like a lot of stress.


“I’ve never thought twice about it. I mean it most definitely is stressful, and hard work. But I am trying. And trying to break the norm that people see models as, tall ,super skinny blonde, that’s not the norm anymore and we all know that. But yeah it is stressful, but I guess I’m always up for a good challenge. lol. And I mean nothing worth having comes to easy … I don’t want to just model though, I’m getting into acting lately. I’m a host of an online popular radio show in CT, I’m working closely with a new charity some people close to me have all been putting together we just got funding and a studio location for … So I’m excited to keep growing and doing what makes me happy. I want to tackle some of everything.”

Q: Is it hard being yourself when you are on the radio?

Kayla Nicole 2Nicole:

“The only hard thing is not swearing. I swear, I swear to much. Hahah. But no not really, its just kickin it to me, hangin out talking music and entertainment … I enjoy it.”

Q:  If you can change anything about the modeling scene in Connecticut what will it be? Woman tend to have endless feuds on social media over very little things. What do you think would fix all the drama?


“To be honest I haven’t feuded with many models if any at all. I don’t have time for that … If I did I can’t remember because it’s obviously irrelevant. ????. If I could change anything about the modeling scene in CT it would be that we need to come together and help one another, network more, hold more events for that reason, have more organized put together runway shows like Ricky Trendy holds … Get to know the next artist because they know people you don’t know…”

Kayla Nicole caught the attention of our representatives after she entered into the International Jetset contest. After shortly briefing her on wanting to interview her she quickly responded in favor and has been great ever since. We are please to have her in our digital universe and we hope to keep her in the eyes of our reporters in the future!


The awesome photography work done in her photos was done by Sweeney Photography. Click the highlighted link in the previous sentence to check out Sweeny’s amazing work!

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