Model Abella Marie finishes up her Christmas shopping, shares a picture of the presents

Topic of the Week (Christmas) – Now that Thanksgiving is no longer the topic of discussion this month on Internet Hollywood we are not entering the Christmas conversation which is widely celebrated by most of the people we’ve published about on Internet Hollywood which is why we cover it.


I was going to start the topic of the month a little later in the month but independent Massachusetts model Abella Marie inspired me to do it after she published photos of the Christmas presents she bought during her school break. She posted the photo to her following and gave me the permission to share the photo with all of you as well


whole photo:

Her caption read:  This year I am trying to reduce stress and get things done early. I am taking advantage of this small break from school and getting things done. It may be early but I rather be early than struggling at the last minute or being late. Just finished wrapping the gifts I bought today. Hopefully, when things start arriving in the mail, it won’t be as hectic trying to

wrap. ☺️🎁 I have finals to worry about.


Abella Marie’s early shopping made her the first person to be featured on our website this year about Christmas. The sharing of her presents will most likely inspire others to fill us in on all of their Christmas shopping as well. That’s pretty much how the popular topic of Thanksgiving became front page news that many replied to on our front page. It will honestly become a very small or super huge trend that Abella would start on Internet Hollywood. We’ll just have to wait and see!



Abella Marie: Instagram


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