Model Abella Marie goes all out for the holiday season and buys 30 Christmas presents!

Topic of the Week (Christmas) – Independent Massachusetts model Abella Marie sure does know how to go all in for a holiday she truly feels good about celebrating. Her amount of presents grew a lot since we last posted about her and has reached a total number of 30. Abella shared a couple of pictures online for everyone to see and I swear it looked just like a scene from a movie. I’m sure every kid would want a pile of presents stacked this high (if it was for them). LOL. Abella took the great pleasure in sending me the photos to share on the website. I first published a story about the model and the collection of presents she had at the beginning of the month when she had around 20. She definitely went all out this year. I could only imagine what she will do next year!




Abella Marie: Instagram


This story was first published on our Instagram @internethollywood

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