Model Abella Marie talks about her engagement photo shoot with her fiancé Michael!

Models – Independent Massachusetts model Abella Marie is a familiar name to our daily readers who may have seen her name pop up on our front pages a couple of times in the past. She has been featured on our website 11 times altogether and four of those publications occurred this year. But this story is a bit different from the others due to the nature of the story. If you have been following us on our Instagram or Facebook you most likely seen a short story that was posted where Abella Marie showed off a gorgeous wedding ring that was given to her by her fiancé  Michael. But if your not following her pages you most definitely didn’t see the amazing wedding photos they took together!


I came across these wedding photos not too long ago on her pages and I felt the need to share it but got tied up doing other things I was previous backed up on. After inviting Abella Marie to a brand new interview, she filled me in with all of the things she had going on and sent the photos from the wedding photo shoot and gave me some details about it the photo shoot.



“The engagement photos happened because me and Qian worked together on a wedding styled shoot. She found out I had a boyfriend so when she was looking to do a second styled wedding shoot she asked me and my boyfriend to do it together. Qian wanted to use a real couple. That photoshoot ended up getting published. So when she found out we were engaged, she asked if we would like engagement photos and we set it up. Originally the day was sunny and nice but before our shoot the weather turned to cloudy, windy, cold, and misty. We did it at Bancroft castle in Groton in about an hour.”



She also went on to describe the time her brave fiancé Michael proposed to her at her house in front of her family. Here’s what she said:



“Michael proposed to me at my house in front of my family. I had walked to work and he thought I was working as a brand ambassador but I was working as a personal trainer. So no hair and makeup done and I was a little sweaty. My family recorded the proposal on snap chat of all places. I walked though the kitchen door and there is Michael in a tuxedo on one knee holding the ring. He had lined the kitchen floor with a red towel like blanket like a red carpet affair and roses vases. He was so nervous but we said yes”



Abella also shared that the wedding date isn’t yet decided and that both of them are on their grind to accomplish a few things first before that happens. But she did stated that she wants “a venue with water, flowers, grass, trees, etc. Very scenic and beautiful.” You could check out the photos below.




Abella Marie: Instagram

Photographer- Qian Li Hegarty: Instagram
Hair- Sarah Sheppard: Instagram
Makeup- Starlet Beau-tique: Instagram

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