Model & Actress Kayla Caulfield talks being enrolled in classes at 14, auditioning, modeling, doing makeup, branching off and more!

Beyond The Lens – Model & Actress Kayla Caulfield is receiving her first publication in Internet Hollywood after completing her very first interview with me in late May. I reached out to the model over FB messenger and asked if she would be interested in doing a seven-question interview with me and she gladly accepted. The interview may have taken longer than anticipated to finish, but the most important thing is we both got it done and she gave fantastic answers to all of my questions. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Kayla Caulfield*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Kayla! Thank you for letting me interview you. After seeing how talented you are I honestly have to say I’m honored to do it. You are filled with talent and express it very well in many forms. I’m looking forward to learning from your questions. What inspired you to want to become a model and an actress and what were some of the first steps you took to get started?


Kayla: I started modeling at the age of 14, my mother enrolled me in some modeling and acting classes to help me gain more confidence, I am on the Autism spectrum so certain things like school were hard for me, however, I enjoyed acting because it helped me transform into other characters. I submitted to a casting call I saw online that a photographer from NY was looking for girls to pose with their American Girl Dolls, I got selected she came to my home and started taking many photos of me with my dolls (these are the American Dolls that are made to look like you, not the character dolls). This photographer traveled across the US taking pictures of girls and their dolls. Little did I know that she submitted some of her photo’s to the World Press Photo Association Competition and the photo of me and my doll place 3rd in its category out of 100,000 photos submitted. It was on tour for that year in various countries. Through the power of the internet, I ended up getting a lot of offers from photographers wanting to work with me. So as far as modeling that is how I started, since I am not that tall I do mostly print, however, I have had the opportunity to walk in NYFW and London FW. As far as acting I started getting serious after doing some independent films and found I really enjoyed it, so I constantly train and take lessons as often as I can.


Internet Hollywood: What is the experience like building yourself up as an actor in an industry that is pretty hard for most people to break into it and what have you learned the most so far?


Kayla: I must say the industry here in Boston is great, the casting companies have been very proactive in making sure films and TV Shows want to film in Boston. When times are quiet for big productions there are so many great schools that need actors for their student films which gives talent so much time to build their resume and reels and to get experience when all is quiet, I take the downtime to take classes and learn as much as I can. There is so much support from the acting community we notify each other if there is a casting that they may be right for and there are often social events to help actors network with one another. Networking is so important in this industry.


Internet Hollywood: What categories do you feel you will perform the best as far are roles are concerned in movies you audition to be in?


Kayla: I like light comedy and drama. I always doubt myself sometimes when I come out of an audition, it can be hard to know exactly what they are looking for. I feel getting the opportunity to audition is huge, of course, it is great to get the role. It is important to me to I know I did my best in the audition, I have no control over what happens after I leave the room.


Internet Hollywood: What goals are you hoping to fulfill as you continue down your career path and what are you currently working on now?


Kayla: As far as goals I am hoping to someday get lines in a TV Show or a Hollywood Film. I would love to go out to LA and take some classes and hopefully get to go on some auditions while there. I have to say I have met my modeling goals, I have been published in some magazines, and walked in awesome fashion shows.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you open to doing when you’re collaborating with photographers?


Kayla: I love to collaborate with photographers that take the shoot to another level, I love dramatic makeup and hair, and designs, but I also love the classic old Hollywood type of shoots too. If feel comfortable with the photographer I am open to anything, not ready for nudes yet though.


Internet Hollywood: Are there other things you want to branch off to and make a career out of?


Kayla: I might in the future want to dabble a bit more in makeup or maybe learn more about photography not sure yet.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; What are some of the steps you recommend beginners take when trying to get into acting and what is something they should always remember to notice progress?


Kayla: I mentioned this earlier, but if you are just starting out in acting it is so important to network, try to take classes that some of the casting companies offer, they want to see that you take acting serious and, the best way for them to know who you are. Do not turn down background work if it is offered to you, working on a set is the best experience you can get, you can learn so much and, it is the best way to meet so many other actors. One of the most important things is to get a good headshot. Do not get discouraged, there are going to be more no’s than there will be yes, a lot of that is not really has nothing to do with your audition, remember they are sometimes trying to match people that look like a family, or they decide to go with a certain look, so you cannot take it personally.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Kayla! Keep up the great work!


The stunning picture included in this story was taken by Norman Jaillet Photography.


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