Model Aleena Cacchillo reveals her most challenging photo shoot, going to college for Fashion Design and Merchandising, picking the right photographers and more!

Beyond The Lens – Aleena Cacchillo is a talented model from the state of Connecticut that is highly aware of the independent world of modeling because of her experiences. Over the weekend she kindly opened up to our questions about her career as an independent models. in the interview we discussed her collaborations, her most challenging photo shoot, how does she decide what photographers to work with, future projects and more.


I can honestly say I learned a lot from this interview with Cacchillo. She strike me as a very smart person that’s very honest to herself when it comes to reality. She understands there is a dark side to every industry and take each step in her career wisely to avoid it. I’m sure your going to enjoy this interview as well!


~*~*The Interview*~*~


Internet Hollywood:Hey Aleena! This is our very first interview together so this is definitely a special moment. I always get excited when it comes to interviewing talent we never interviewed before. How is your weekend so far?


Cacchillo: The weekend has been pretty much awesome so far. I had some friends over yesterday then worked early this morning and I have tomorrow off so I get to sleep in! I’m excited for that.


Internet Hollywood: This year seams like a really busy one for a lot of upcoming talent. We’ve been noticing a lot of collaborations that’s been taking place all over the United States. I noticed you have been doing collaborations as well. Who are some of the photographers you worked with so far this year?


Cacchillo: Some of the photographers that I worked with this year? Rick DiMichele, Sean Van Dusen, Jess Smalley, Jill Hart, Emily Sohlstrom, Chris Fulcher and Jeremy Saffer. Those are the people I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve worked with recently this year. They are all amazing and I love working with them. I really am blessed to have so many talented and creative people to work with who understand the image that I portray.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say was your most challenging photo shoot of the year?


Cacchillo: My most challenging photoshoot? My last photoshoot with Jill Hart was during the winter time. There was a small leak on her property that was frozen over with a little tiny sailboat in the middle of it. We had to put a ladder across the ice connecting from the ground to the tip of the boat so I could get in safely.. All while wearing one of the most poof tasticle fairy tale princess dresses I have ever seen in my life That was fun!


Internet Hollywood: What are some things that runs through a models mind during a photo shoot? Does a sudden shyness sometimes come that makes you not want to do the photo shoot at all, or when you get started you are comfortable?


Cacchillo: It all depends on who I’m working with. For example, photographers that I’ve been working with over the years is really easy to work with. We can usually get things done rather quickly because they know exactly what kind of image that I would like to put out there representing myself as well as the photographer. I’m very particular with that actually. There are some photographers that I just click instantly with, I feel comfortable with their direction they feel comfortable with letting me do my thing and it just clicks. There has been times where I have been a little shy when it came to meeting a new photographer, but that’s only because I was familiar with their work but never worked with them. Eventually it uses up and it just all becomes a natural thing.


Internet Hollywood: How do you decide what kind of photographer you like to work with? Do you look for anything in particular?


Cacchillo: I’m big on creativity. I’m big on things making sense. I stand extremely tall and strong on my opinions of what I think I should do and what I know I shouldn’t. Any photographers willing to collaborate with me and make magic under those circumstances are the people I know I can create some greatness with.


Internet Hollywood: What made you decide modeling was the thing you wanted to really get yourself involved in? How did this all started?


Cacchillo: I went to college for Fashion Design and Merchandising. I started modeling my own clothes for my portfolios because I made my clothes for myself and I just was really excited about them and wanted to show them off! Then I had somebody reach out to me asking to start a group called “the sinister girls” founded by James Murning which was awesome. We had some really great opportunities that we were involved in. And basically after that I kind of went to do my own stuff. I stopped for a few years in order to collect myself again to recharge my batteries to prepare for my come back. When I came back into the industry, I emphasized my love for pinup. Being the reason why I started making clothes in the first place.


Internet Hollywood: What was it like creating designs of your own? How hard was the learning process?


Cacchillo: The whole process was definitely an experience! Being able to take the idea that I have in my head put it on paper then go find the right kinds of fabrics to put it all together sit at a sewing machine for hours stabing myself with needles accidentally…and being concerned to reach a deadline was intense. Learning it was hard, I’m not going to lie. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do so I commend anybody in the fashion industry who takes the time out of their lives to create and make something real for others to enjoy.


Internet Hollywood: Would you say fear of the future plays any type of role in you working as hard on your goals? Most people fear where they may be in years to come so they work as hard as they can to make the best about it. What’s your driving force?


Cacchillo: Fear leads to anxiety. I don’t have any fear for my future. I work hard on things that I want. I believe everything happens for a reason and fate Falls. I just like to keep busy and do things that I love. I don’t really have any fears when it comes to my future. Everyday is different from the next which makes it that more exciting!


Internet Hollywood: Judging from your experience, what would you say has caused dozens of models to fail when beginning their careers?


Cacchillo: I wouldn’t say “fail”…id say..being misguided may be a better term. When I started I did all the wrong things. I did a bunch of things that were totally right but the whole learning experience is what can make your break you. How you deal with the negative publicity as well as the positive publicity is a big thing as well. But most importantly..”don’t be so thirsty for opportunity that you drink from every cup handed to you…thats how you get poisoned. ”


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you got in store for the future?


Cacchillo: Well if I mention that it would take away the whole mystery aspect of my being. I would just have to say you would have to keep an eye out wait for it to pop up and then you’ll see! Actually I guess I’ll tell you some things. The biggest thing that I’m really stoked about right now is the hempire campaign I am doing with Mary Jane maidens. It’s a downloadable app that you can get on your phone Android or Apple. I just recently posted some photos to begin the campaign. I also have some music video shoots with some super talented friends of mine along with some collaboration photo shoots with some names that people should be familiar with. But that’s a surprise.


Internet Hollywood: What is it about music videos that makes you want to see yourself in them?


Cacchillo: It’s not that I want to see myself in music videos. People ask me to be a part of whatever they want to create because they like what I do. Being in a music video is acting. That’s not really ones real personality but it’s definitely fun because I like to do that too! Having somebody reach out to me asking me to be a part of their art is just beautiful to me because I do that to other people that I would want to collaborate with as well, so I appreciate other people’s appreciation and admiration.


Internet Hollywood: Which creative field do enjoy the most?


Cacchillo: I post in hopes of having other people show me what they do. And how they do it. That’s what the Internet’s for! To be creative! And I think the best way to show my creativity is through my “day in the life” segments. When I post my smoke sesh videos! Or even my Snapchats or my daily Instagram stories. Real life things, believe it or not, what people want to see.


Internet Hollywood: When does the time come when you decide to put modeling to the side to settle down?


Cacchillo: Can’t really give you that answer. I don’t really know how to stop doing what I love. I don’t really know how to stop showing people my I guess I’ll have to leave that one open ended.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever been a photo shoot that you thought was going to turn out bad but later the photos came out great?


Cacchillo: Absolutely not. I am picky and choosy and extremely particular and who I work with for that exact reason! I don’t want anyone’s time being wasted mine including the photographers


Internet Hollywood: What are some key principals that you live by to keep yourself in check when it comes to your career goals?


Cacchillo: Most importantly being appreciative of the opportunities that I have been blessed with. Being myself. Being the person that I am and not trying to be anything else but that. Being opinionated and voicing it. Realizing that going backwards won’t really get me any further.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is the hardest thing about being an independent model?


Cacchillo: Making a name for yourself. Building your own empire and you have to humble yourself to watch others step on your risers. Two words are very important to me: empire and culture.


Internet Hollywood:  Last question: If everything goes how you planned where will you see yourself in the next 3 years?


Cacchillo: It may sound awful to some but I don’t have any plans. My plan is to make today better than it was yesterday. My plan is to be a better person and to learn new things from different experiences. Next three years I hope to be happy successful and healthy!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Aleena! Keep up the amazing work.


Cacchillo: Thank you!


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(Photographer: Emily Sohlstorm | Follow her: Facebook)

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