Model Alice’n Blunnderland Just Joined the MA branch of Vaughka’s Internet Hollywood Party & Promo Team!

IH News – The new party team is in full gear now that Vaughka has started adding new members to the group to expand it everywhere he has a presence in from all of the hard work he has been doing to support others in many states across America and a few countries. Many names have finally been revealed to show readers who have been selected to be apart of this new team that is expected to shift the way Internet Hollywood functions on its new yearly cycle that leads to the Internet Hollywood Awards every year. Independent Massachusetts model Alice’n Blunnderland accepted an invitation to be apart of the team and revealed some of her excitement in a recent status Vaughka posted where he thanked Isabel Vinson for being one of the inspirational people that encouraged him to pursue the idea of Internet Hollywood and credited her for influencing him to write about models, photographers, makeup artists, and designers. In the status Alice responded, stating: “I’m proud to be part of your kick ass dream!” This confirms that the freelance model has found her way into the new team that will be organizing its own events, radio shows, parties, photo shoots, award shows, fashion shows, and much more. The cross promotion group already has over 60 members that joined over the past week and a half. That number is expected to increase heavily. Alice is a model who has collaborated with many talented photographers in the past and is considered to be experienced enough to be apart of the new team. Congratulations Alice and welcome aboard!


This story was first made public on our Instagram page @internethollywood



Alice’n Blunnderland: Instagram

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