Model Alicia Christina talks working at the New England Aquarium, getting into modeling, walking in fashion shows, her underwater photoshoot, upcoming projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts model Alicia Christina is finally getting front page attention on our website after accepting an invitation to be interviewed by me over the messenger. I have been eyeing Christina’s work for a while and thought now would be the first time to work on writing about her on our website. I sent Christina about eight messages and got her answers back as soon as she could send them. Enjoy the interview!!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Alicia Christina*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Alicia! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I’m excited to do our very first interview together. I take great pride in learning about others. It teaches me a lot and gives me a better understanding of each talent pushes themselves to better their lives. and I’m sure today will be one of those time fulfilling moments. Before we get started, could you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?


Christina: Sure! Thank you for having me be a part of Internet Hollywood. I’ve read your articles before and am excited to be a part of your next issue. To tell you a little bit about me; I currently work at the New England Aquarium which I absolutely love! I am an ocean lover through and through; everything from marine animals, initiatives to support ocean conservation, to studying the deep unknown depths of the sea… I am fascinated by it. Many aspects of my love for the water actually became intertwined with an international mermaid modeling opportunity in 2017 and much of my underwater projects I’ve participated in so far.


Internet Hollywood: When did modeling become such a huge part of your life to the point you wanted to pursue it as a career and what were some of the first steps you took to get started?


Christina: I fell into modeling after spending a large portion of my teen years learning about photography. I had people telling me I should in front of the camera, not behind it haha! I was encouraged to reach out to an agency but I was not completely sold as I never tried modeling before. I finally modeled my first clothing catalog back in 2012 when they were searching for an auburn-haired girl and thought, why not try it and see what happens? From there it seemed to be a domino effect. I had photographers reach out about collaborating and started to build my network as well as my portfolio. I signed with my mother agency The Beauty Within, RI in 2013 and later signed with Dynasty International Models of Boston, MA in 2015. With Dynasty I was able to walk in London Fashion Week Fall 2017 which was an incredible opportunity!


Internet Hollywood: How often did you find yourself wanting to quit and what has been the source to your motivation at times you reach that dark stage of your career, if ever?


Christina: I think any model who is honest with you will tell you they wanted to quit at one point, haha! People see the finished products or the glamour shots and think well that must be an easy paycheck but there are so much time and hard work that create those final pieces that no one sees. To be honest, the only time I have felt like I was ready to stop modeling is when I recognized the emphasis on a woman’s body and the need to be perfect looking in today’s culture with modeling. I don’t want to contribute to that. Our society portrays these airbrushed flawless models as what we should look like but those models do not even look like their own images a majority of the time. I become motivated to keep working when I am able to be my complete flawed-self on a set and we still nail it. It makes me want to spread the word that you do not have to fit into this little bubble of perfection in order to rock it on set for a clothing line or walk confidentially down the runway. You can get to where you want to be exactly as you are because you are awesome, flaws and all.


Internet Hollywood: You have done quite a few fashion shows in the past. I have seen some of the photos and you looked absolutely stunning. What was the feeling like walking in fashion shows and what are some of the things that go through your mind while your walking?


Christina: Thank you so much! I feel very grateful to all the designers who have let me wear their beautiful clothing and represent them in front of a crowd. Before the show’s backstage, it’s usually absolute mayhem in the best way. You have makeup, hair, designers, models, photographers, videographers, etc. all in a small space working together. This is a fun part where you get to network with different cultures and artists. You may find yourself choking in a cloud of hairspray or getting stuck trying to maneuver your way through the crowd, however, I’ve met some of my closest friends in the industry with my hair half-done clipped to the top of my head and only one eye of makeup on! When it comes to walking a runway, sometimes all I can think is “for the love of God do not fall” if I have 6-inch dagger heels on. Those who know me know I am more modest as a person but when I am about to hit the runway, I always let the fiercest version of myself come out to play. This girl walks with a swing in her hips and loves everything about the designs she has on. I also think about what I am wearing and how I can accentuate the best characteristics in the design. For example, a long train attached to a gown; if you grab the train from the back near your knee area and turn at the same time with the right amount of speed, you can make the train glide gently through the air. This has yielded some awesome runway shots in the past!


Internet Hollywood: Back in July 2016, you did an underwater photo shoot with Mexican Diver Magazine at the Mystique Aquarium. I think you deserve credit for being brave than most of us. Lol. Not many people will hop in a tank at an aquarium to take pictures. What made you want to do it?


Christina: Is it weird that I wanted to do it? Haha! I believe my love for ocean life has rendered me unafraid when diving in close quarters with marine animals. We always use safety precautions of course and it’s important to know the behavior of the animal you are near, but it’s also important to understand the animal is most likely more afraid of you than you are of them. I have participated in underwater sets with Moray Eels, Rays, Lion Fish, large tropical fish, Sea Turtles, and small sharks but interacting with them underwater has only made me want to continue this as much as I can. When I’m underwater, all the hectic noise in the world becomes quiet and I feel at peace so I think of it as my own personal meditation sometimes. One item on my bucket list is to cage dive with Great White Sharks… I’ll let you know how that goes.


Internet Hollywood: What do you look for in photographers you’d like to collaborate with and what style of modeling are you open to doing, as far photoshoots are concerned?


Christina: I love creative, unique visions. I’ve worked with all different kinds of people in the past and I think my favorite would be those who are open to building the shoot as we go. I’ve had shoots where a vision was determined and we sidetracked a bit as we started to work, which actually rendered even more creative looks that were not intended but amazing / better than our original thought! If I had to pick a specific style, I would say working with beautiful vintage items such as wedding gowns where the look is very natural and soft. I adore vivid glamour shots, they are so fun to create however I think the softer images that show raw unfiltered beauty mesh well with my personal preference.


Internet Hollywood: What is your dream photo shoot?


Christina: I would love to continue the ‘Mermaid Saga’ perhaps connecting with underwater photographers I haven’t collaborated with before. Spending time in Mexico and London for modeling was a terrific experience so being able to continue to travel to other countries modeling is always an adventure I am ready to take!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; are you currently working on anything right now that you would like people to know?


Christina: I am working with a group this coming month for a Pin-Up styled collaboration. We may take this shoot underwater as well and that is all I can share for now! I am also planning on attending London Fashion Week again for September 2018 so stay tuned for more details as we near the Fall 18’. Thanks for having me Internet Hollywood!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Christina!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Photographer: Olga Photo
Designs by Isabel Lopez.
Boston Fashion Weeks Fashion on Fire event.

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