Model Alicia Jo Wells talks holiday planning, The Grinch being her favorite Christmas movie, cooking for her mom, getting a Tiffany’s necklace as a gift and more!

Christmas (t.o.t.w) – The countdown is on to Christmas and many talented people are openly sharing their thoughts, plans, and Christmas experiences with us now that it’s Internet Hollywood’s popular topic of the month. One of the awesome people I had the pleasure of interviewing is independent model Alicia Jo Wells.


Wells is a very talented model from the District of Columbia that has a lot of great content with photographers that could be seen on her page below. Her work led me to believe that she was serious about her work, so I made the decision to keep in touch with the model for story purposes in the future. Here is definitely one of them, enjoy!



~*~*Christmas /w Alicia Jo Wells*~*~



Internet Hollywood: What were your favorite Christmas movies to watch as a child growing up?


Wells: Definitely. My mom had the story on audio and used to play it on carpool in the mornings going to school. The other kids would be like wtf. Also Charlie Brown Christmas.

Internet Hollywood: Are there any new favorites on the list now that you are a young adult now?


Wells: No I try to keep the same traditions. Just like I cook my moms food. I practically live in my young self. It makes life more fun and less serious.


Internet Hollywood: What are some things that you always find yourself doing around this time of year?


Wells: Going shopping, baking cookies and no matter what kind of mood I am in – being in a good mood when I hear Christmas music. I love Christmas. It’s magical. My mom always made it special for us.


Internet Hollywood: Care to share your most memorable Christmas moment?


Wells: Probably going to be the year I got my Tiffany’s necklace or the years my birth dad and mom were together with me.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite Christmas songs to listen to?


Wells: Mariah Carey I’ll I want for Christmas is you. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Trans Siberian Orchestra is: top!


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on doing photo shoots for the holiday? Yes, quite a few are in the works.

Internet Hollywood: Last question; In your mind, what’s the perfect holiday meal for a Christmas dinner?


Wells: My mom’s wild rice recipe – her peach cobbler and her stuffing all of which I have made. Keep the traditions alive.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for answering Alicia. 


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