Model Alyssa Cromwell Backs Ohio Rapper Gusto Views On Love/Like Relationships

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Upcoming rapper Gusto is drawing  attention from our universe after sharing his views on the state of confusion in a relationship. The upcoming Internet Hollywood celebrity didn’t mind opening up to us on how he felt about the situation. Previous articles on the artists stated that musician believed sometimes people will start to like somebody so much than start to love to fast. The article also went on to say once the love type feeling comes about that’s when everything changes.

“Like and love.. For me, it’s two different things,” he said. “You can feel both at the same time or one and not the other. You can like your boss, but don’t have to love them. You can love your aunt, uncle or a parent but not like them at times. For bf/gf relationships I think sometimes people will start to like somebody so much then start to love to fast. They see a lot of good,when the bad is tucked away.”

He continues:

“Once that love type feeling comes about, that’s when everything changes sometimes. Like marriage, they figure that now that love is there you couldn’t let them go. I say that people should take there time in getting to know somebody to see if they like them and try for love, whatever kind of relationship it is. Because maybe they want you to be close to use you for awhile to use you, get what they want, then they gone.”

Internet Hollywood is now getting the thoughts from upcoming ProjectXPlatinum model Alyssa Cromwell. Alyssa is well aware of Gusto’s views and she’s standing behind him on it to the fullest. The debuting celebrity is setting free her thoughts and Internet Hollywood was there to get it all!

“In my opinion, I totally agree with Gusto,” she said. “You definitely can feel both at the same time as well as one without the other. There family I love, but don’t like. There’s people I like , but don’t love. When it comes to relationships you have to have an interest in them to see if you like them. I do feel that people can also confuse liking and loving someone. It’s an intense emotional feeling. I’ve been with someone where I spent a lot of time with and went from liking them to thinking I loved them. Well, when it didn’t end up what I had expected, Id think I was never going to find someone better. Spending time away, those feelings would fade. Then I would realize… Maybe I just liked them a lot. I was so used to being around them, I kind of grew attached them and felt like I loved them. The attachment is what I feel confuses people when it comes to relationships. I’ve also been used before. So, I agree with taking your time and getting to know people. You don’t have to rush it, we have our entire lives to meet new people, try new things, go to new places… You don’t NEED to love someone or something. You need to live and FEEL and be happy. So many people end up getting their heart broken because they don’t see the big picture. You focus on one thing and expect it to work in your favor… Which obviously doesn’t many times and you are let down. You feel hurt therefore you feel heartbroken. You’re not really broken though. It take time to mend and heal. When you take the time you need for YOURSELF, good things will come. It’s all about loving yourself FIRST. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t really LOVE someone else, and you will continue to feel heartbroken. I love myself… And I would never give any family member, friend, or guy the chance to make me feel heart broken because I deserve better. People should try to see things in this way and there may be a different feeling to “like” and “love.”

Alyssa is among many of the thriving models in the alternative modeling universe that has found their home here in Internet Hollywood. We are hoping as time fly Alyssa will march along the trails that will make history in our galaxy to influence new models from all over the world!

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