Model Amie Emmons Preparing To Go All Out For Her 23rd Birthday?

amie newModel Amie Emmons is spending her time watching the calender now that her birthday is a little over 2 weeks away. The 22-year-old model didn’t updating her Facebook status to share how exciting she was about March 24th. “19 more days until my birthday….,”she posted. We are not aware how she’s going to spend her birthday, but we hope she has the time of her life. There is definitely nothing like going in like a rock star and leaving out with a hang over, trust me. Anywho, imagining a crash for the ages is only the beginning  stages that comes with our immaturity after a few shots of liquor. We could only hope that she decides to spend the time on making herself happy instead of other people. She seems like a really sweet girl so why not? Amie is one of the newest Internet Hollywood celebrities that made her way into the ProjectXPlatinum movement after Isabel Vinson alerted everyone that she’ll be choosing model and photographers for Internet Hollywood latest access feature. The new features gives 24/7 direct news access to all ProjectXPlatinum members chosen to be Internet Hollywood celebrities. Amie was recently spotted at Hogan Mclaughlin’s runway show with a see through dress at Templecon 2015. Hogan has a pretty decent history that easily solidifies his reputation when any other professional decide to do a little research. A little research of our own shows his amazing work resulted in a feature in The New York Times! That’s some pretty awesome stuff right? Tell me about it! Amie’s debut in Internet Hollywood starts a new journey that will be recognized by thousands of readers per week. Look out to hear more awesome news coming from the adorable model sometime in the future.

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Photographer: Schon-Ray Joseph

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