Model Angie Sass Voices Her Support For Hillary Clinton, Says Trump Is Too “Ignorant” and “Racist”

angie-sass-images-ft-2Prince Vega – More up & coming talented models from the state of Connecticut are joining in on the trending topic that has been sweeping Internet Hollywood’s front page through the entire  weekend. As election day approaches, more people are at odds with selecting sides while some sit to the side and watch how things play out.


Thankfully, Angie Sass was one of the few that didn’t mind giving her thoughts on this year’s election. The model spoke highly of presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and pledged to give the democrat her vote.

“Nov 8, 6am to 8pm, the only day you could vote. This is our hope for our future. I always thought that Hillary Clinton is was a good candidate because she’s been in the system for years and she helped Clinton and Obama and the White House. She haS a lot of knowledge of what’s going on and how to guide us. I think Donald Trump is too ignorant to become president. his mentality is not on the presidency, saying sexual remarks towards women. He’s intimidated by a woman. Miss Clinton knows that if she wins he’s going to lose and Donald Trump don’t like losing. I think that Donald Trump shouldn’t even be running up for president, he’s too ignorant and racist. I feel like it’s time for a woman to run the world for 4 years. We have got a black president for 8 years and everything went great. I know Hillary will do her best us.”

On Obama:

“I think Obama has been a good president who is the only president that I seen in the presidency in the white house who cares about people, like what he did with Obamacare, and then he gave people free phones, Obama phones. No other president had done anything like that and I love the fact that his wife actually interrupt with other people and Obama has done a loan forgiveness to the people that old money for school. He’s not a person of words, he’s a person with action. He’s a legend who’s the first black president.”

Angie Sass has made front page news on Internet Hollywood three times this year in total. She is becoming a “must talk to” person when controversial subjects are trending in Internet Hollywood. She has always shown her support and weighed in on things happening in the world.


We are unaware of the photographer Angie Sass collaborated with to pull off this excellent photo shoot. All we know is that his name is Eddie. As soon as we find out the whole name of the photographer we will include his name into this story.

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