Model Ashley Mae Reveals Childhood Crush On Tom Petty “His Music Was So Hypnotizing”

Topic Of The Week – Massachusetts model Ashley Mae is letting us in her past to explore her world of crushes for Internet Hollywood’s topic of the week. This week we go deep into our sensations lives to find out their celebrity crush and favorite television show while growing up. I thought it would be awesome to have this new blossoming face in Internet Hollywood take on our reporters question of the week.

When asking Mae, “Who was her childhood crush and what was her favorite show growing up?” Here was her response to me.

“I have always loved the dark and scary things so of course my favorite childhood show would be The Adams Family. I remember my mother finally giving in to pushing my bedtime to 7pm so I could watch the show. My childhood crush would probably be Tom Petty. His music was so hypnotizing and so are his dreamy blue eyes.”

Mae is one of Internet Hollywood’s newest models that was added to our list of sensations this month. She is also friends with dozens of Internet Hollywood sensations including model Isabel Vinson. She has also collaborated with photographers that are now Internet Hollywood sensations.

This gorgeous photo of Ashley Mae was taken by Constantine Photos.

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