Model Ashley Naomi talks picking the right dress for the Internet Hollywood Party on August 19th: “It has been very complicated trying to find new outfits”

Coming Up – Connecticut model Naomi is gearing up for her first appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th! We caught up with the model to ask a few questions about her upcoming appearance at the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment and she gladly opened up to our questions.


She opened up about the complications in picking the right dress for the party, who she’s excited to see, whether she’ll participate in the models fashion runway show and more. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Naomi! We are days away from Internet Hollywood’s second celebration of the year at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT on August 19th. Many people have been expressing a huge amount of excitement and have been revealing their wardrobe for the evening. How has preparing for the party been going for you?


Naomi: It has been very complicated trying to find new outfits. Something that screams me, Ashley. Something that stands out but is still comfortable to move around in.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some people that you know that’s going to the event that you definitely want to hang out with?


Naomi:  I know Mark Johnson the photographer who will be attending, and a few models like Ellie and Sam Cahill.


Internet Hollywood: Will you be participating in the models fashion runway casting call at the party as well?


Naomi: Yes I will be participating in the casting call. All I ever do is try to look for better and newer opportunities which I can grow and better myself in.


Internet Hollywood: What are somethings you hope to accomplish at this event?


Naomi: Attending this event, i hope to meet new people I could possibly work with in the future. People that could help me in my art and what I love to do


Internet Hollywood: What kind of music would you like the DJ to play to get the party in the right mood for those that will be dancing?


Naomi: Anything that’s up beat and fun. But not inclusive to only hip hop and rap. I’d like to hear music of all types. Salsa, bachata, jazz music, etc. Anything that keeps us up on our feet, but we can still relate to and have a good time.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Ashley! I can’t wait to meet you at the party.


Naomi: Lol thank you!


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