Model Ashley Nicole talks new photo shoot with Jeffrey Allen, Her mother being at 99% of her shoots, her biggest challenges and more!

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut model Ashley Nicole has grown to be a very influential person among me and my pairs over here at Internet Hollywood. Ever since I known her it has been an educational journey learning about her. It was only a matter of time before I got a one-on-one interview with the model. We talked about her latest photo shoot with Jeffrey Allen, her mother being at most of here photo shoots, her biggest challenges and more. I hope you enjoy the interview!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Ashley Nicole! Now we both would agree that this interview should have been took place. You have been such an amazing person and positive influence to Internet Hollywood. How is your weekend going so far?


Nicole: Well thank you. I’m glad that I can have an influence on IH. My weekend so far has been fairly calm and relaxing. It’s good to just sit back and relax after a long week of work.


Internet Hollywood: I definitely hear that. You have been keeping yourself busy in your personal life and still remain active in the social media world. You recently did a photo shoot with Jeffrey Allen that will be publish on Internet Hollywood any day now. How important is it, as a model, to keep your social media updated and not let it become inactive?


Nicole: Personally I do my modeling more as a hobby then a profession but I can imagine that anyone who plans on becoming a full time model should have a very strong social media activity such as many of the ladies and gentlemen on IH. I’ve only been modeling just over a year now and I never expected it to go this far this fast. My social media (facebook and instragram alike) I try to keep posting on a regular basis, not enough to drown everyone with images, but enough to keep them coming back for more. that’s my plan of attack…so to speak…lmao. I just have to say that if anyone wants to ” go PRO”, start off slow and build that strong base to grow on. get associated with a great group of people and let them help you…take their advice …watch and learn. That’s what I did and look at where I am now.


Internet Hollywood: What are the toughest challenges you faced so far as an independent model?


Nicole: I’d have to say planning and travel. I work a full time job and I try my best to work around my 40 hour a week job because work is my main focus first I said before, my modeling is a hobby if anything. Most of my shoots have taken place on the weekends when I have time free and can make it to my location. Most of my shoots I have done was with Jeffrey Simpson but that’s because we work so well together and he knows of a lot of secluded areas that we can shoot at. He is the one who does most of the driving because he’s comfortable behind the wheel on the highway as opposed to me who I have to admit am kind of terrified by how people drive. I know I shouldn’t be, I just can never shake that fear. However that’s something I hope to change over the coming year.


Internet Hollywood: I also noticed you were planning an event this upcoming week as well. Could you give us some information on it?


Nicole: It’s not my event it’s a fundraising event at Cadillac ranch restaurant this Wednesday July 26th at 6pm in Southington, CT. its a bike and runway show and the feature of the show is ” leather and lace”. I’m participating in the runway walk at that kicks off at 7pm. the event is raise money for a war veteran Joe Kowalski. He takes his free time to raise awareness to those returning home from war who suffer from ptsd and suicidal thoughts. The money he raises goes towards his therapy method to bring those who have trouble fishing to keep them preoccupied and to help them clear their heads. I have no issue in participating in this event because I full heartedly support my veterans and their families because I myself come from a military family. I donate , I support and I participate. I hope that some friends from IH will come by and check out the event .


Internet Hollywood: Who would you say is your biggest influence when it comes to staying motivated to chase after your goals?


Nicole: My mother Kim Melwood. She was the one who pushed at 6pm at night to do my first shoot with Scott Whitley. I was in my pajamas when he called us up and asked to meet for some photos. I wasn’t feeling it at the same time my mother was rummaging through my closet. “This is the start of something,” said my mother. And after that one shoot I was noticed by 3, then by 6, and now this. she has always been my best friend. She supports everything I do and accompanies me on 99% of my shoots. Shes my mom, my manager, my bodyguard, my best friend. If I didn’t have her around I think I’d lose my mind.


Internet Hollywood: Is modeling something you see yourself doing in the long term or is there another career field you are planning on branching off to when you reach the level of success you seek?


Nicole: Honestly I haven’t had a single clue. I mean I never really thought of myself doing any sort of modeling but then again, in this day and age,  you never know. I think that I would continue my modeling until the time comes that I become a mother as family will always come first over a career or hobby. Career-wise I’ve never given much thought to that either. I mean I did want to be a vet tech but never really had the courage to do so after I put my rabbit down. I couldn’t imagine having to report to people the results of their animals. Right now I’m just happy working my full time job here in my home town. Besides making nuclear reactor coils is hard work and military precision coils even more so. I’ve always been told that work really isn’t work unless you get your hands dirty, and let me tell you, grease, oil and varnish are hard materials to get off your hands on a day to day basis.


Internet Hollywood: How often do you find yourself feeling like your about to give up?


Nicole: Never really. giving up isn’t an option in my books. Just because something is hard or doesn’t work the way you planned doesn’t mean isn’t wont happen. When I physically cant do it anymore then I will call it quits, but until then I’m a stubborn young women with a great support group and many friends to push me towards my goals and on the right path. No one should ever quit, ever. Things may be tough but that’s no excuse to give up. Going through the rough times help make you stronger. Never quit.


Internet Hollywood: What is your dream photo shoot?


Nicole: I just lived it earlier this week. My sunrise beach shoot. I love the beach and always have. Something about the water, the breeze and the sand is just so calming. granted the sun didn’t want to cooperate that morning was okay.  We still made it work. I love every shoot i do. Every single shoot brings something new to the table, new experiences, new concepts, new photos. I love trying new things but i think i have a much better time doing outdoor shoots, so long as I’m not freezing. lmao.


Internet Hollywood: What are some upcoming projects that you have in store that people should look out for?


Nicole: At the moment not really anything. I kinda just go with the flow. When someone contacts me about a potential shoot I try my best to work with my schedule and theirs to make some photo magic. Not the most logical answer but its the truth.


Internet Hollywood:  Last question, what are some steps you recommend for people that are interested in modeling but don’t know how to start?


Nicole: Post some photos to Instagram would be a great start. The more hashtags the more wide spread word. Facebook was my media break. After my first photo hit Facebook  in July of last year i was noticed by many different people, including Jeffrey Simpson and Oscar Plunkett. Honestly post photos,ask a friend’s opinion and go outside your comfort zone. Look up some photo contests and try entering some photographs and maybe one day the right person will take notice and reach out. It really happens by word of mouth. One person reaches out and then another and another and next thing you know your where i am today. I never expected a year ago to go from the bottom beginning stages to being an Internet Hollywood sensation.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Ashley! I can’t wait to see you at the party.


Nicole: Thank you Justin for the interview. I look forward to attending and reporting at the upcoming party. Have a great day. Lots of love to IH.



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