Model Ashley Nicole took a selfie while she waited for Internet Hollywood Radio to air on Sunday: “Waiting to tune in tonight…”

Internet Hollywood Radio – Connecticut model Ashley Nicole was preparing to make Internet Hollywood radio her home early Sunday afternoon and she made sure everybody knew that. The model took a selfie  sitting in a car waiting about an hour and a half before the show with a caption that reads:


“Rainy day pigtails and baby blue eyes …waiting to tune in tonight to to listen to our radio show with Justin Hamlett. I hope everyone can tune in with me tonight …just check out . …scroll down to radio stream and hit play …hope that you will tune in with me later starts at 5″

Soon as the show started Nicole kept her support strong and spread the word to dozens of sensations that also tuned into the show as soon as they received the message. Her and her amazing mother kept the show strong with their request for classic hits that kept others in tuned with the show as well. They definitely helped the show flow smoothly.


Nicole also caught the attention of many more people after we announced Ashley Nicole tuned into the radio show. People seem to be more into how hot she looked in the selfie than her tuning into the radio show. lol. What would life be like without the super hot, funny and talented Ashley Nicole? We sure wouldn’t know! Having her and her mother as daily listeners of the show brings so much positive energy!


Internet Hollywood radio comes on every Sunday and Tuesday from 5-11:30 p.m. eastern time.

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