Model Ashley Nicole will be a news reporter at Internet Hollywood’s next party in Manchester, CT on August 19th

Internet Hollywood News – Connecticut model Ashley Nicole has poured her heart, mind and body into her career and this year shows just how phenomenal it has been since we started following her in March. The model has been published on Internet Hollywood nine times and has earned a feature in our next magazine issue that will be coming out in late September. She is a daily listener of Internet Hollywood radio and one of our biggest supporters. You could probably piece together what lead to this breaking news story.


Nicole recently accepted an invitation to become a reporter at the event after having a conversation with me Monday afternoon. The model was really excited to receive the invitation and said she would be honored to take on the important role at the upcoming party. She is one of two people that will be selected to take on roles as Internet Hollywood reporters that night. The last two people that were selected at the last party was Connecticut model Mimi and Rhode Island model Beautiful Chaos.


Ashley Nicole is someone I’ve been thinking about assigning this position to for a long time. After watching her interview with Beautiful Chaos I immediately assumed she would be perfect for the position. She’s very good at carrying a conversation and gives off positive energy every time she speaks with others. Her last interview with us was at the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd.


Internet Hollywood’s next party will be at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment on August 19th! Tickets are currently on sale now.


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