Model Ashley Waste No Time, Officially Crowned Internet Hollywood ✮Superstar✮

ashley new picture 10Prince Vega  – Ashley is making her way to Internet Hollywood’s front page after being named one of the few newer celebrities to reach superstardom upon debuting. The news comes shortly after model Cindy Morgan broke headlines after being recruited to the superstar lineup by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. The model reportedly won 9 out of 13 committee votes during her review, battling Ashley’s impressive performance that scored her 10/13 votes–opening her opportunity as one of the newest stars to gaze upon our universe.


The buck doesn’t end there. The Boston model will soon fill the shoes of some of our most powerful models if she decides to takes on this opportunity with very few limitation. Her dedication in being committed to indulge in photo shoots will open the world to her reality as one of our promising superstars from a professional stand point. The last thing anyone would want is a stuck up model that doesn’t live to the hype they are selling in their pictures.


ashley new 22It’s a lot to be expected from a model that isn’t a familiar face to a lot of our readers. We’ve witnessed very few models break major barriers to lead the trending topics on Internet Hollywood. Isabel Vinson, Cristal Catalina, Tygeria, Miss Jailynn, and Viola Verity is the only models that has managed to cross over into our trending headlines with stories of their own.


Ashley will soon work her magic and make the impossible happen in a way many only dream of imagining. She’s sweet, down to earth, talented, and extremely social when it comes to working her way through conversations.  In the world known today by those who see it, could easily tell that a beautiful face without social skills does not last. Ashley’s entrance in Internet Hollywood is beneficial to everyone that shares a part of this journey with her. Everything she has is enough to last the model’s relevancy for a very long time! We welcome our Ashley and look forward to an absolutely amazing journey for the future.




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