Model Austin Lee Ielpi explains why he feels ’13 Reasons Why’ doesn’t glamorize suicide

T.O.T.W – 18-year-old Vermont model Austin Lee Ielpi has a lot to say when it comes to Netflix and I’m happy to be the one to share his thoughts with everyone. I recently got in touch with the model to get his thoughts on the streaming giant that currently has an astounding 98 million subscribers. Dozens of published sensations have already expressed their views openly with us in many short interviews we did. Austin Lee Ielpi is now one of them!


I started the short interview with questions about his favorite and least favorite show on Netflix. I happily attached the short interview below, starting with his answer. Enjoy. 🙂


“I love Netflix because it has a wide variety of shows and movies to watch. I am the type of person who isn’t really picky about what I want to watch. My favorite show to watch? It’s difficult to say, I watch way to many shows to actually have a actual show. But at the moment, I am obsessed with NCIS.”

Internet Hollywood: What is it about shows like NCIS that people love so much?


“Well, for me, the mystery and different types of cases that the director puts in every week. I love the all of the crazy action in each episode.”


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is the most disappointing show you watched on Netflix that you wouldn’t recommend anyone else watch?


“I feel like the most disappointing show I have ever watch is…… Actually I don’t really know haha. It’s hard to think about because I watch so many shows.”


Internet Hollywood: If you could imagine yourself acting in a series on Netflix what series would it be and why?


“Honestly I don’t know. I could see myself in a horror flick or a mystery thriller. I love acting and i also love anything horror and mystery like!”


Internet Hollywood: Recently a show on Netflix titled ’13 Reasons Why’ caused quite a disturbance and had people feeling like it glamorized suicide. My question is, who is the blame if a teenager decides to commit suicide after watching the show?


“You see, I feel that it doesn’t glorify suicide. I feel like it glorifies depression in a way that can cause people to think that the show is actually glorifying suicide. Suicide is a very serious matter and I understand that because in the past I have suffered with depression and suicidal ideation. I feel that with the show being made the person who is to be blamed for deciding to commit suicide is the one who wants to commit suicide themselves. If they’re going to commit suicide yes they can sit there and blame other people but they made that decision themselves.”


Internet Hollywood: Last question: What would you say is the best way in combating depression and suicidal thoughts?


“I know for some people, they go to therapy. I went through 15 months of intensive therapeutic treatment to get through my depression and other mental health issues that I had. How I continue to combat against depression and suicidal ideation is I surround myself with people who I love. I also am able to speak about my feelings in a healthy way and not blame people and other things for how I feel. Being able to speak about what’s going on within you and a actual deep level way and that is instead of scratching the surface level can be really helpful for some people. Yeah some people might act shallow and not really want to dip into what’s actually going on but it actually can be really helpful to speak about you feelings when you are down. Being able to have someone sit there and listen to you when you’re going to something is one of the most amazing things that I’ve ever experienced. Just being able to rant and let all of it come out instead of holding it in just feels amazing.”


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for answering our questions Austin!


“You’re totally welcome! Always a pleasure.”


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