Model Barbie “Da Boss” Gonzalez Discuss Connecticut Models Being Taken Advantage Of

chelsea newPrince Vega – Internet Hollywood doesn’t normally provide coverage to models that are not our celebrities, but the time has come to expand the light for beautiful girls to be seen that dreams of modeling. Recently dozens of upcoming models coming out of Connecticut shared their thoughts on the publicly known feuds that’s been causing tensions between the girls because of jealousy, most say. Many claimed the competitive nature also plays a huge part because most of the girls wanted to be in the spotlight. As interesting as this may sound, we still can’t confirm that belief even though it is a story too familiar to our representatives.

We chose to do something a little different with this gorgeous model by the name of Barbie “Da Boss” Gonzalez. During our conversation I decided to dig more into how she perceives herself as a woman by her favorite body parts. Without no problem, she opened up with a great detailed explanation on how she did.

“Hey thanks for having me! I would have to say my eyes are my favorite feature because they dictate the mood of the photos I take & They guide the viewers to the rest of the beauty that I hold. For what part of my body that attracts people to me is  the curve of my neck. Once people get past my eyes they flow down the curve of my neck into the rest of my body. If your eyes are your Hello then the neck is like the hand holding between the viewer and the wonderful body I have. Why I model is because I feel like there is such a big expectation on being a certain look or a certain style. I want to prove that no matter what you look like you can do anything that you focus your mind on. Just because you look alternative doesn’t mean you can’t do a fashion or glamour. Just because you do high fashion and glamour doesn’t mean you can’t do alternative styles too. I want to be the example that shows people you can work any style that you want and still put your own twist on it. Because I believe modeling isn’t just about a look but it’s about a state of mind.”

chelsea 2Gonzalez also spoke on how she felt photographers were dishonest with models just to get pictures for their own personal use.

“I think honesty is the underlying reason for that. A lot of photographers aren’t honest with what models can and cannot do. Sometimes they’re not even honest about people being able to model. I also think a big part of that is because a lot of girls and a lot of male models don’t do their research when it comes to photographers or Photography companies. There are a lot of scam artists and perverts out there that run under the guise of wanted to help models out or get them further when in reality all they want or just to get some pictures for their own personal use. It’s not that hard to see if a photographer is on the up and up. It’s just doing that extra step and not getting caught up in the nice words or promises.”

Q: Have you ever been put into a position where you were forced to defend or stand up for yourself during a photo shoot with a photographer or scam artist? If so, what happened?

“For the most part everyone I have worked with has been honest and respectful. I have had a few incidents where i have been asked to do a shoot or a gig and find out a few days before that it wasn’t what I thought it was. Ive been told if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and that has helped me factor out what shoots and gigs to do and which ones not to do.”

Barbie “Da Boss” Gonzalez has engaged in numerous photo shoots and is slowly building a name that captured the attention of our second floor private committee of thirteen. 7 of 6 votes secured Gonzalez’s debuting story in our digital universe. This article marks the first time she has ever been on Internet Hollywood. We are hoping that she continues to believe in herself and continue to pursue a career in modeling. If she does you can look forward to more stories of her being on Internet Hollywood! The excellent photography was done by Delroy Walker of 3WManagement.

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