Model Barbie Maria discuss the day she started modeling, her past obsession for Americas Next Top Model, seeking an agency, photo shoots, her goals and more!

Beyond The Lens – One independent Massachusetts model is giving us the inside scoop on what inspired her to want to want to model and her upcoming plans for this year. Barbie Maria is someone that I find very skilled with her talent with the potential in developing to something far more greater than what she is now. I just had to reach out to her through messenger and ask if she would like to do the interview. I’m definitely glad she said yes. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Barbie Maria *~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Barbie Maria?! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s a pleasure having another talented upcoming model on the platform. Hearing your stories has been a huge inspiration to me. It’s what keeps me going. I look forward to your story fueling my motivational drive. Before we begin, could you give us the history of what made you want to model and what were some of the first few steps you took to get started?


Barbie: For me personally I have always been really big into fashion and modeling. Growing up I fell in love seeing all the different models in magazines and on television in all these beautiful clothes. I used to be obsessed with Americas Next Top Model. Having a dream of one day making my way to the top. I never really knew where to start because it’s such a competitive industry I actually got shut down by modeling agencies for being too edgy this was before I was even tattooed. I luckily know several talented photographers who helped me get my start. I love fashion photography but it’s difficult for someone who is an alternative model to really get far because we are limited due to our appearance. More of my growth stems from working with people who find me through my social media accounts and word of mouth.


Internet Hollywood: You have a great body of work with all kinds of photographers on your pages. I really like the one you did with Burning Dodge Studios. Now that you are more experienced at doing photo shoots what would you say is your favorite style of shooting and what do you look for in the photographers you choose to shoot with?


Barbie: For me, I don’t have a specific style that I like more than others. I like each shoot I do to look different from the rest. I like challenges and wish to expand into bigger projects with more unique makeup styles. Most of the time in shoots I have an idea for a theme or outfit and I usually communicate that with a photographer that I feel will be able to recreate my vision best. I personally like photographers who have a variety of females and males they work with rather than one cookie cutter image repeated. I like to talk to photographers before shoots to get to know them a bit more so we are both comfortable when we meet for the first time.


Internet Hollywood: What is the goal now that your pursuing modeling and what kind of connections are you hoping to gain while networking?


Barbie: This is always a difficult question for me. I would love to eventually have the chance to make a big name for myself in the alternative modeling industry. I wish there wasn’t such stigma on tattoos in the standard modeling world because I would love to model clothing on runways/ads and act in movies. I just personally enjoy doing shoots it’s freeing to me. Something that gets me away from the world and let’s me enjoy my time.


Internet Hollywood: Is there a time frame on when you want to complete your goals? If so what happens if you don’t complete it in the time frame you want?


Barbie: I don’t have a set time frame for this goal. I would enjoy to reach it sooner rather than later. I am more a go with the flow type of person when it comes to this. I would love to get big in the modeling industry but as I stated before we all know how competitive it is. It’s easier to live life with the mentality that if it happens it does but if it doesn’t no worries.


Internet Hollywood News: What happens if you don’t complete it in the time frame you want? Is there an option b?


Barbie: I currently work full time on top of modeling and I am in school. You shouldn’t have a plan A without plan B. I like to keep busy that’s just the type of person I am. I just like working. As long as I’m making money and able to survive and thrive that’s what really matters.


Internet Hollywood News: Are you hoping to draw the attention of an agency in the future or do you wish to stay independent?


Barbie: I have attempted mainstream agency’s as I stated in my earlier responses. It didn’t go over well for me. I personally like staying independent but it would be nice to be apart of an agency eventually that caters to alternative models.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what kind of advice would you like to give to beginners that are trying to model independently but don’t know how to start?


Barbie: Advice I would personally give to anyone starting out in this industry don’t take anything personally. There are a lot of let downs in this industry if you are enjoying yourself and having fun that’s what matters. Just keep trying and pushing yourself farther. When starting out you will possibly have to pay for your shoots unless you know people already in this industry. Practice, practice, PRACTICE all your poses and facial expressions in the mirror for 30 min-an hour every day. This may seem ridiculous to some but there have been numerous times I have assisted at shoots with girls who have never been in front of a camera before you need to know how to properly position your body and feel comfortable because the photographer shouldn’t have to direct you the entire time. The last thing I will say is never go to a shoot alone with someone you are just meeting for the first time, not every person who owns a nice camera is a photographer or a trustworthy person.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Barbie Maria!


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