Model Beautiful Chaos begins her shopping for the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Models from all over New England has already started their early shopping for Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year in Manchester, CT on August 19th. The networking event will help upcoming talent connect with one-another to help build their portfolios, connections, brands and more. One model that plans on taking advantage of these events is beautiful Massachusetts model Beautiful Chaos.


I recently got confirmation that the model will be making an appearance at the Internet Hollywood party before the model went on vacation last week. Chaos was really excited about the event and briefed us on some shopping she will be doing for it when she comes from her vacation. The model took a trip to Las Vegas with her boyfriend and posted beautiful pictures on her social media pages for everyone to see.


Chaos also caught the eyes of our readers earlier this year after revealing her dress for the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was chosen to host the event alongside Connecticut model MiMi who is a long time friend of mine.  They both also interviewed guest that were also in attendance that night.


Tickets to our movie theater party in August is currently on sale now. The event will include photo shoots, a casting call, live performances, live interviews /w reporters, giveaways, a bar, a dj, hot food and more. You could get your ticketed by clicking the highlighted link below!


~*~*Click Here To Buy Tickets*~*~

Instagram: Miss.Beautifulchaos

Facebook: Beautifulchaosmodel

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