Model Beautiful Chaos says she aiming to turn heads at the Internet Hollywood Party on August 19th “I know the designers are going to be amazing”

LIVE – Model Beautiful Chaos is finally breaking her silence about her special appearance at the Internet Hollywood party at the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT on August 19th. The model also said she won’t be revealing her outfit for the party until the day she appears.


She said she chose to show her outfit for the last party as a sneak peak but she’s aiming to turn heads at this one.  Read on!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Beautiful Chaos! I hope you are having an amazing weekend so far. Now a previous story we released about you said that you were doing some shopping for the Internet Hollywood party on August 19th. Have you finally selected the wardrobe you are going to wear for the party?


Chaos: Hey!!! Yes I think I have…last party I gave a sneak peak but this outfit is a walk in the room and turn heads lol so gotta wait and see.


Internet Hollywood: Who are you excited to see that night that you know are going?


Chaos: I am excited to see well first off the one and only Prince Vega!!! I’ve been going through some personal things and through it all Justin has been a great motivation and friend!! And cracks me up ???? and also can’t wait to see the ohhhhhh so freaking gorgeous and sweetest Ashley Dupuis!! We gonna party ????


Internet Hollywood: You have always provided a helping hand whenever I needed it and you know I adore you for it. Why do you feel it is important for Internet Hollywood to have events like this for the public?


Chaos: Awww anytime hun! It’s important because it shows people the real behind Internet Hollywood, the fun!!! Many people see, read and hear Internet Hollywood but it’s a different experience when you can see The Who behind it and see all the hard work that is put into Internet Hollywood. when you go to the parties you can feel the importance of all about you!! Internet Hollywood isn’t just a let me get fame from you, it’s you deserve to be recognized for all the hard work you do and we are gonna throw you a party to show you how proud we are of you!! It’s amazing! Glad to be apart of it!


Internet Hollywood: Will you be participating in the models fashion runway show as well?


Chaos: What!! You already know lol I know the designers are going to be amazing so of course I would to be flaunt their designs down the runaway!


Internet Hollywood: Judging off your experience from the last event, what is your advice for newer people that is coming to a Internet Hollywood party for the first time?


Chaos: Have Fun! Just come and enjoy. There are going to be so many great people there, mingle and talk. Introduce yourself and have a few laughs. You never know what connections you may meet.


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Photographer: Rocky Knoll Photography

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