Model Beautiful Chaos to break her silence at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party on August 19th

Coming Up – Model Beautiful Chaos has been keeping silent for about a month to focus on things in her personal life. The model has been taking time to herself and I’m honestly glad she decided to make that decision. She is one of the most active models on social media that I follow on a daily basis. She does an incredible amount of work on her own and she doesn’t slow down the process in developing herself career-wise for anyone.


I was thinking that her drive may have played a part in it but I was terribly wrong. She reminds me of when she pushes herself online with such an overwhelming amount of promotion. That is the same exact way I ended up finding out about her. But gladly it wasn’t the cause of her minor absence over the past month.


Now that the model has returned and is back in action I’m more exciting than ever. She thanked me for checking up on her and told me she’s back working again. She also seams very ready for the Internet Hollywood party and asked me if I was as well.


We did have a deeper conversation about the party but she didn’t brief me on what kind of wardrobe she was going to wear yet. When our first party happened in April she revealed her dress for the evening weeks from our last party in April and all of our readers jaw dropped. I guess we will have to wait and see what the model will choose to slay in on August 19th!

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Photographer: Rocky Knoll Photography


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