Model Bella Prepares To Update New Clothing Line Page – Takes Stunning New Selfie Photo

casey 1Prince Vega – Mooi Model Bella has been doing just fine with modeling and that hasn’t slowed down her creativity when it comes to clothing. The gorgeous model has been putting her fingers to work to put together her absolutely amazing Soul Stitch Designs. Her beautiful story is one to imagine when learning the magic she teaches in her stunning designs. On Her Soul Stitch Designs page she opened up to her following about her strong, beautiful, and talented grandmother teaching her how to sew at the age of 5.

“When I was 5 my Grandmother taught me how to sew.” She posted on her Soul Stitch Designs fan page. “She was a seamstress that overcame the impossible. She was Legally Blind...but that never stopped her she showed me you can do anything you dream of if you just want it enough! 21 now and I’m following my passion for modeling and designing. My unique twist on fashion is tailored to YOUR body. Every Size is Beautiful and Its about time everyone recognizes it! Soul Stitch Designs are made to express yourself to be one of a kind to stand out.”

It isn’t hard to tell just how talented this amazing soul is when it comes to expressing the art of her unique abilities. A scroll through her fan page would protect her rep as one of the best to do it at a young age. The gorgeous Internet Hollywood celebrity took some time out of her busy schedule to express a heartwarming smile in a selfie picture that is capturing the attention of her following and our reporters. (on the left)

Internet Hollywood was made aware of this beautiful model through our gorgeous superstar Isabel Vinson. Isabel has been credited for the development of our entire model branch an enormous amount of times. Without her Prince Vega said “He would’ve never pursued anything involving models” on Internet Hollywood. Check some of her amazing designs below. The amazing photos were took by an incredible photography by the name of Raven Macabre of Raven Macabre Photography.

casey and raven


Photographer: Ryan Harackiewicz  |  Designs: Soul Stitch Designs | Model: Bella Modeling

casy and 1

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