Model Best Friends Shonnysha Robinson & Dasia Lewis Grabs Page 14 In Internet Hollywood Magazine

Internet Hollywood Magazine – Two best friends are getting the best out of their debut in Internet Hollywood after becoming the first two of 8 newer models to get published on Internet Hollywood without a publication on our website. The gorgeous models from the state of Massachusetts were offered representation by Internet Hollywood after founder Prince Vega followed their fan pages and immediately became a fan.


The last minute editing of the issue occurred when Prince Vega decided to switch things up and feature models that weren’t published on the website in the magazine. The other newer models that were included were Dani Elise, Nikki Smith, Kelsey Smith, Hayley Cartwright, Anafia Rose and Mary Regina.


Shonnysha Robinson (Nysha) and Dasia Lewis are now being actively represented as Internet Hollywood models. Prince Vega felt that leaving them out of the magazine would be wrong since both models have proven they’re dedicated and determined to be models. He was so impressed by the models he published them on one page before his own.


Prince Vega Facebook post:


 “At first I wasn’t thinking about adding newer models in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year but these two are just amazing! These two best friends are so talented and open to explore new things that I just felt it would be wrong not to include them in this issue. I’m blown away by their dedication and commitment. I’m a bit irritated I didn’t meet these girls a long time ago. I’m honored to have both of you amazing models a part of our first magazine issue!”


You could read the entire magazine issue by clicking here.

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