Model Billboard Charts: Jessy Erinn Ranked #9 Most Powerful Model In Internet Hollywood!

jessy e vsJessy Erinn is clearing the way for her name that is publicly known to thousands of people all over the world. The beautiful young talented ‘selfie queen’ has repeatedly headlined in our universe sincer her impressive debut about two months ago. Jessy’s dominance is mastered with her unique ability to keep herself inside the public’s eyes with new photos while remaining social with her following. Her sweet attitude has created the image of something more than just a face for us to picture when imagining what she does for a living. Jessy is by far one of the most entertaining models our universe has ever seen since its debut earlier this year. Jessy seams to always find her way into our minds and now she has worked her way into our charts for the very first time. The second floor private committee of thirteen has embraced Jessy’s dedication to modeling and has even opened their arms to expand her voice with her own radio show on our network. Jessy has proven herself to be one that deserves what she receives while proceeding to do what she loves to do best. The Canadian princess is predicted be one of the top three leading models that will lead a generation of Internet Hollywood starting next month! Congratulations to our Jessy Erinn for being voted on our top ten! We look forward to seeing more work from you!

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