Model Billboard Charts: Tygeria Clears The Way — And Lands In #8 Spot In Internet Hollywood

tygeria 8thTygeria is now punishing her competition with an incredible new position to match the effect she has carried in our headlining universe. The beautiful young superpower has danced across our charts with a force unlike any other newcomer that has entered our galaxy. The second floor committee of thirteen quickly challenged the last results that recorded a tie with a silent vote that remained undecided. We are now revisiting the committee with an official vote that breaks the tie between these two amazing models that has completely dominated the alternative realm of modeling. Tygeria edged the tip of the spare with a near loss by the ‘#Selfie Queen’ after Jessy Erinn racked six of the committee votes to match against Tygeria’s six last month. The beautiful competitors shook the committee floor with the first ever tie in the history of Internet Hollywood. The debate on the two remained private while headlines across Internet Hollywood embraced Carrie Madeline’s success after the upcoming model swept the remaining competitors with 9/13 committee votes. The power behind these young talented models makes it a must for us to discuss how much work they do so the world can give them credit where its due and the respect they deserve. Tygeria is without a doubt one of our biggest Internet Hollywood celebrities that has stepped foot into the modeling arena. The committee also predicts Tygeria may even remain on the top ten charts in months to come!

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