Model Brysten Bug reveals that she use to sing, gives advice on overcoming lack of confidence, how chemistry makes better group shoots and more!

Interviews – Connecticut model Brysten Bug (Haley) is getting her second publication in Internet Hollywood this week after granting me a 5 question interview early Monday morning.


I got in touch with the model after she posted her link on a state I wrote where I requested all upcoming talent post their links. After getting links from dozens of upcoming talent I got in touch with every single one of them and asked for an interview. I hope you enjoy this one!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Haley! Before we begin I would like to share that I’m a new fan of yours and I think your work is awesome. Who gets the credit in getting you into modeling? How did that process come about?


Bug: I’ve always wanted to model, and for a brief stint I had an Instagram just for photos that I took on my bathroom wall with my cell phone in attempt to get into modeling, but was talked out of it by the person I was dating at the time. about a year after that in February of this year, I was contacted by Dan Warren via my instagram account. I had just done a music video for rapper Joey Batts a couple days prior to my first shoot with Dan, which were both my first real projects in the modeling world.


Internet Hollywood: Are there any other talent besides modeling that you would like people to recognize?


Bug: as a teenager I was greatly into singing, but I don’t sing a lot anymore. In the past, I would’ve loved for my singing voice to be recognized on a wider scale but I don’t really see myself doing anything with that as a hobby. I can’t write music, I can’t play an instrument very well, it just wouldn’t make sense.


Internet Hollywood: What are somethings you think about to keep yourself motivated enough to pursue modeling?


Bug: That’s a really good question actually! I didn’t think it would be hard to stay motivated to keep doing this, but as I grow in the community it gets harder to maintain it all. that said, because of the very visible scars on my body that I choose not to retouch in most of my shots, I get a lot of young people approaching me to thank me for what i do. I had no idea going into this that I would be an inspiration, but every single time someone tells me that I was the reason that they posted a photo of their arms in short sleeves, or I was the reason they went outside in shorts with their stretch marks showing, or even that I give them hope by being a model with scars, I’m motivated to keep making that difference to other young survivors.


Internet Hollywood: Do you like the feeling of doing photo shoots alone better than doing group shoots?

Bug: Both definitely have their perks! it depends on the content, models, and photographer(s) really! there are some photographers who I have amazing one on one connections with, and sometimes our work isn’t the best at group shoots because that chemistry is almost muddled by all the different energies. at the same time, I have met some of my closest friends at group shoots and it’s honestly such a blast to see so many beautiful young women loving themselves and each other. Group shoots are also awesome because they are ideal for networking.


Internet Hollywood : How does someone overcome lack of confidence when they want to pursue modeling but are not motivated to do so?


Bug: stop giving a shit what anyone else has to say! I’ve learned recently through this that the only thing stopping me from what I’ve wanted to do in the past, whether it was pursuing a modeling career or shaving the side of my head of anything in between, was listening and giving into the discouragement from everybody else around me. If you want to do something, you should get out there and do it, because your heart is the only one that truly knows what will make you happy. if you think modeling will make you happy, screw what everybody else has to say against you modeling and find you a photographer that will make you look like the fabulous beautiful individual you are. People’s image of the modeling industry is very distorted. We are a body positive, nonjudgmental group of people for the most part. People who are judgmental don’t get very far because it’s less about looking a certain part and more about making actual connections.


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