Model Carië: “Photographers/Magazines Tries To Make Black Models Look As White As Possible”


ProjectXPlatinum Model Carië is a sparkling doll with one of the warmest hearts anyone will ever find in a woman. Her attitude reflects her creative talent that has captured the attention of dozens of Internet Hollywood celebrities. This beautiful angel has a lot to offer and her work as a model is just the start Internet Hollywood reporters caught up to the adorable Canadian superstar to get her thoughts on racial discrimination against colored models. Check out below to see her answer!

Reporter: It’s always amazing seeing a stunning woman of color standing strong with pride in her beauty. What do you think some of the biggest concerns are when it comes to colored woman in the world trying to make it as a model? Why don’t you think there is not many of them?

Carië: One of the biggest concerns/problems is that photographers/magazines try to make black models look as white as possible. With lightening their skin, straightening their nose, the list goes on . The reason why there are not as many black models is because a lot of higher end magazines do not select black females and if they do the female is almost always light skinned or has many white features. For black females that do not have the straightest nose or the fairest skin they are often looked over or deterred from applying to various model position. As a black model I have seen a lot of racism in the industry since I started modelling last year. I have also been the target of racism from the industry.

The dazzling celebrity is one of the very few colored models apart of the powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement. Internet Hollywood has made it a priority to find as many talented models of color recruit inside of the movement. Carië is a glowing celebrity rising above the horizon in our galaxy. Her incredible smile can be found in every star that makes what we look up to so special. She is one of the newest members to our independent industry that we predict will be one of our biggest celebrities in months to come. We welcome our Carië to our universe!


Photograph By: NeoDzyne Photography

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