Model Carrie Madeline Agrees With Gusto’s Views On Love/Like Relationships

Model Carrie Madeline is expressing different views from upcoming Internet Hollywood celebrity Gusto. The extremely beautiful talented actress is adding her thoughts on what we predict many other females will as-well. Recently Internet Hollywood got Gusto’s thoughts on the confusion between liking and loving someone in a intimate relationship with their partner. Although Gusto may have had some very solid points, many models had their troubles agreeing, including model Jessica Xagoraris. The latest updates following the responses to Gusto’s view is from Internet Hollywood celebrity Carrie. The model didn’t mind sharing that she actually agrees with what Gusto had to say about it.

“I agree with him 100%! There is a huge difference between like & love. Love is when you cannot picture your life with out them and never hurting them. Liking someone takes no effort at all, falling in love is easy but if it is REALLY love you will not need to put in the effort, it just comes naturally. To many people just jump into relationships these days with out finding themselves and loving themselves. There’s A LOT of truth that you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself.”

She continues;

“You need to take time to build things. People are good at playing who they feel you want them to be, and when they get comfortable unfortunately sometimes people’s true colors show. You can’t expect a relationship to work if only one persons putting in effort.  Like I said earlier with the beauty topic; the media has a lot to do with this. People aren’t willing to put in the effort when something is broken, they tend to throw it away because they teach you that. Relationships are far from perfect, they are a struggle at times, but as long as both people are putting in the same effort there is no reason for things to ever go badly. But that being said, there is a difference in loving someone and dealing with issues, and loving someone and them using you. In life if something makes you unhappy, you don’t need to explain to anyone, do what you have to to be happy.”

 Carrie Madeline is one of the first models selected to be involved in Prince Vega’s first indie film that is due to go into production close to the beginning of next year.


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