Model Carrie Madeline Backs Prince Vega Remarks: “I Don’t Think Our Votes Matter Anymore”

carrie mad 3Prince Vega – Model Carrie Madeline is giving her thoughts on Prince Vega’s recent remarks where he claims presidential elections doesn’t matter because candidates and presidents are handpicked in the United States. His views triggered a wide range of responses from celebrities all over the world that expressed their opinions whether they were similar or not.


We recently caught up with one of our rising superstars to get her take on how she felt about Prince Vega’s remarks and her response was priceless!


“I honestly think that our votes do not matter anymore,” she said.  “It is not “We the People” anymore, it is “We the Corporations who run the country”. Think about any random John Doe has NO CHANCE of being elected if he is not funded by these huge corporations and have the funds for an expensive campaign. It’s sad honestly. A country that was built on freedoms, and a government run by the people is no longer that. The way it looks to me the more money you have the more power you receive. It won’t matter who the president winds up being the corporations will get what they want no matter the face behind, the president is nothing more than a puppet and scape goat. These corporations don’t want to be to blame, it’s easier to say oh it’s the presidents fault when we all know it’s not solely his decision. Remember the phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” That’s exactly what they are trying to do, divide us all by race and religion. We need to take a stand as a country; and you know what I say? Give them hell kids! No one was ever intimidated by someone who didn’t speak up for themselves.”

Another model shared similar views by the name of Brittany, $elfie Princess, who strongly believes America is corrupted, however, she feels Bernie Sanders is not a string puppet and can be beneficial to the country. Carrie Madeline is the first model to ever make it on the front cover of a Internet Hollywood Magazine.

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