Model Carrie Madeline Nab Arlene Award Nomination For Being Internet Hollywood’s First Cover Girl

Prince Vega – Model Carrie Madeline has been nominated for an Arlene award for being the first model to ever be featured on the front cover of a Internet Hollywood magazine. The model has been published in Internet Hollywood about 18 times in the last three years. She was rewarded the feature after Prince Vega felt she had the biggest drive as the newest model at the time. She’s the first model besides Lonnie Alex to rank in the top models chart within two months after her debut.


Madeline has outperformed most models in Internet Hollywood when it comes to front page stories. Her work and active involvement in Internet Hollywood was so strong that it became almost impossible to not hear about Madeline whenever the discussion was about Internet Hollywood’s top models chart.


Madeline will most likely debut on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart next week. It has already been circulating that she may end up ranking in the top three. Her contribution to Internet Hollywood has been as amazing as her photos from incredible shoots with William Joseph, Andrew Markert Photography & Design, Sky Graphix and more.


Her incredible momentum and hard networking has earned her a following of over 30 thousand on Facebook! Her drive is the main reason she has succeeded in outlasting a great deal of models in Internet Hollywood. That same drive helped her become the second most published female model in Internet Hollywood’s history.


We are honored to add Carrie Madeline to Internet Hollywood’s history book on February 14th. If Madeline wins an Arlene award she will receive the award in late April!


The credits to this amazing featured image in this article go to Andrew Markert Photography & Design.


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