Model Carrie Madeline And Photographer William Joseph To Take Over iHollywood Magazine In December!

will and carrie new

ProjectXPlatinum model Carrie Madeline has a lot to be excited about after hearing what was announced on Internet Hollywood radio Tuesday. Prince Vega updated the world on the latest news involving our new magazine and revealed that photographer William Joseph and model Carrie Madeline will cover the face of our second issue in December. Both of the Internet Hollywood celebrities become known headliners in our universe after being voted into the’ top ten’ billboard charts by our private committee last month. Model Carrie Madeline was also chosen to star in an independent film that will be directed by Prince Vega and S.W. Rand of Euphio Films sometime next year. The recent delay in the production of the movie came after Prince Vega’s schedule grew tighter due to other important projects in the works. Later news also confirmed that ProjectXPlatinum Co-Founder Isabel Vinson will be joining the cast to the new ‘Illuminati’ film as-well. William found his way into our committee’s approval after being recommended by an Internet Hollywood promoter. The decision that followed the recommendation was based off the accomplishments William had as a headliner in a two month period. The new #Selfie magazine will shine the light on all the upcoming celebrities growing across the Internet Hollywood universe. The official date of the release have not been announced yet, but we will keep you all updated on the news as it comes!

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