Model Carrie Madeline Prepares To Take Over Internet Hollywood’s First Magazine Issue This Month

carrie on fireProjectXPlatinum Carrie Madeline may not be the face of ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine coming out early next year but she will be the face of Internet Hollywood’s first Christmas issue this month.  The first time the public was informed of the models breaking news story was back in October when a report confirmed that Carrie Madeline’s most deserving accomplishment in Internet Hollywood  would be with photographer William Joseph. Many would argue that an elder member of ProjectXPlatinum should have been rewarded the front cover because of the amount of work they put into building themselves while being apart of the powerful organization. All talented models apart of Internet Hollywood’s universe is rewarded based on the effort they put into establishing themselves as an alternative figure in the freelance world. Carrie Madeline has proven herself to be a force that uses her motivation to drive into the walls of her dreams without regrets. She captures the dreams she chase inside her vision with precision, and for that she has managed to land in the top 10 within months after debuting. The model was also the first female chosen to be an actress in Prince Vega’s first independent film that is currently postponed due to his busy schedule. Prince Vega continues to endorse the growing super model that is now reaching heights unseen by many in the freelance world through iHollywood outlets. It is unclear when the magazine will be coming out this month, but the magazine is definitely under the works now! We congratulate our beautiful Carrie in becoming the first model to take the face of Internet Hollywood’s first Christmas issue!

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