Model Carrie Madeline Reaches ✮Superstar Status✮, Ranked #3 Internet Hollywood Model

carrie new 2Model Carrie Madeline is cashing in on some serious recognition now that her position has upped seven slots since the last billboard showdown. A little over a year ago Carrie ranked #10 on the international ‘top model’ billboard charts a few months after her official debut in Internet Hollywood. The model’s position became so strong that many speculated whether her personal relationships with Internet Hollywood reps helped her gain higher positions quicker than others, which was later proven false. Even while struggling she managed to pull herself through hard times and continued to execute awesome photo shoots with local photographers in the New Jersey area. She’s unquestionably one of the lead headlining models that has made front page news over ten times in the course of 12 months, including the front cover of Internet Hollywood’s first carrie dragonmagazine back in December. Now today marks an historic moment that will leave permanent prints on the model’s steps in Internet Hollywood forever. Every model that is chosen as a superstar in Internet Hollywood will receive their own column in the menu section above the Internet Hollywood home page. It isn’t much of a surprise that Carrie has found her way into a bigger stage on our digital platform. Statistically the model continues to perform well against her competitors, making her one of the newest faces to lead the top three on our international billboard charts. A total of 30 models were selected for Internet Hollywood’s new added feature that is expected to give certain models exposure on things outside of modeling as-well. We’d like to thank the amazing photographer at Dragon’s Eye Photography for letting us share this absolutely stunning photo of our adorable Carrie Madeline. You can check out all Mike and Carrie’s amazing work by clicking both of the links below!

Click Here To Check Out Carrie Madeline!

Click Here To Check Out Dragon’s Eye Photography


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