Model Cherise Cuff reveals her favorite Netflix show, explains what she dislikes about ‘Making A Murderer’

T.O.T.W – Massachusetts model Cherise Cuff gave us a lot to think about during our recent discussion about Netflix. I been getting in contact with dozens published sensations in Internet Hollywood that are subscribed to the streaming service that now has over 98 million subscribers. Cuff was one of the first few I got in contact with that didn’t mind elaborating on her favorite and least favorite shows when it comes to the streaming gigantic.


“My favorite show is orange is the new black. It’s a Netflix original I can’t see it anywhere else…all different categories, and if you watch a certain type of movie Netflix will find similar movies in a particular category that you may like. If I stopped watching a movie or a show I can go back to it and start where I left off. Netflix has a ton of different categories and I could be watching one show on Netflix and my children can be watching a different program on another TV. I can also watch Netflix on my phone.”


Internet Hollywood: What are some shows that you recommend people don’t watch to avoid disappointment?

“Okay, this is going to be tough. I’m not sure if Making A Murderer is still on Netflix but i recommend people don’t watch this. It is an incredible documentary, but I think it will mess with people’s head on views of how the government screws over people and how corrupt the system is.”

Internet Hollywood: Netflix’s new show “13 Reasons Why” received a huge reaction from people that claimed the show glamorizes suicide. Have you heard about this?

“I was going to say something about that show. The girl blames 13 people on why she killed herself and their part in her choice.”
 Internet Hollywood: What do you think about it? What do you feel drives a person to want to commit suicide from a fictional show?
“She was a 16 year old. I think at that age you act on impulse. A teenager may view this show and assimilate some things going on in their life and view suicide as the only option to end the pain.”
Internet Hollywood: Who takes responsibility if something terrible like that happens?
“That is a really hard question…but I have to say the individual that makes the decision to hurt themselves. Family and friends will carry the weight of pain because they will be alive feeling the pain but accountability has to be on the person. As a person that has had a family member attempt, guilt was held for not noticing the signs of the hurt because the attempt was unsuccessful. I learned certain patterns of behavior that I was able to intervene and was able to offer an ear instead of judging.”
Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Cherise for answering our questions!
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