Model Cherise Cuff will be making an appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th

Coming Up – Now a lot of familiar names to Internet Hollywood readers have confirmed their appearance to Internet Hollywood’s upcoming magazine and dance party on August 19th. The event will be taken place at Parkade Cinemas in Manchester, CT on August 19th.


One beautiful model that is also planning on making an appearance at the Internet Hollywood party is Massachusetts model Cherise Cuff. The model has told me a few times this month that she is planning on making an appearance at the party. It is something has been getting me excited for numerous reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because Cuff was a daily listener to the Internet Hollywood radio show every Sunday. Most of the times when I did the show she showed support to tune in. Seeing someone that I knows support is always awesome.


I’m not sure if Cherise Cuff is planning on getting involved in photo shoots at the party or not. I remember the day when the model was telling me she was just getting into modeling. Ever since then she has been actively getting in photo shoots with photographers that is familiar to a lot of names in Internet Hollywood. I’m hoping to see her get in on the action at our upcoming party.


Cherise Cuff may just be getting her foot into the independent modeling game, but that doesn’t stop the fact that she has been published on Internet Hollywood four times since she started. The amazing picture in this story was taken by Maco Photography.


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Cherise Cuff: Facebook – Instagram

Maco Photography: Instagram

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