Model Chinaza Ndukwu takes on Ethics Beauty Supply in two photo shoots with photographer Cren Lee

Photo Shoots – This is definitely a photo shoot that I have been waiting to write about for quite some time now and I’m happy to finally have the chance to do it. I have been in touch with a beautiful independent model and college student from the state of Massachusetts name Chinaza Ndukqu who recently collaborated with Ethics Beauty Supply founder Cren Lee in two photo shoots that I have been interested in writing about since the moment I saw them.


I first learned about the photo shoot when I saw photos of Chinaza from on Ethics Beauty Supply’s Instagram page when I was browsing down my screen on my phone looking for something to write about. After I saw the photo I got in touch with Chinaza and Cren and asked if they would be interested in me writing a story about it and they said yes. Afterward, Cren Lee filled me in with a little background information on the photo shoot and sent over some photos for the story as well.


He explained to me how he told Chinaza he was looking for two different casual and classy looks with an urban twist and that he, by knew her body type, that she would slay the look. He said the photo shoot took place outside in the perfect kind of weather and the photo shoot was a success and didn’t even need much editing. Not too bad huh?


It was more to be said by the photographer who has chosen Chinaza to model in his supplies. He said Chinaza is very knowledgeable with editing and applied very little touch ups to the photos. He later ended what he said stating that Chinaza was easy to work with and the photo shoot was a breeze. Both photo shoots were taken three weeks apart from each other.




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