Model Cindy Moran Struts Her Amazing Body In A Gorgeous Black Dress

cindy 1Prince Vega – As Internet Hollywood Radio approaches on February 2nd one of Internet Hollywood’s newest models Cindy Moran is struting her curves in a black dress she looks absolutely gorgeous in. The picture appears to show the model resting her fingers across her hips while lifting her cell phone to snap an epic selfie that shows her beautiful body in a black dress.


this isn’t the first time Moran’s selfie flicking habits has caught the attention of our reporters. Just a little over a month ago, she made front page news in Internet Hollywood for showing off her champagne bottle curves in a pair of leggings in a gym bathroom. The model has made front page news in Internet Hollywood four times since her debut back on October 9th. Our second floor private committee predicts she will be one of the fastest growing models in Internet Hollywood in future months to come.


cindy 2Moran’s steps to the best is no less then progressive as she proceeds to achieve greatness in a very short amount of time. She will be among the few models that will be mentioned during our auto-panels review on Internet Hollywood on February 2nd. The discussion will weigh in on the possibilities of Moran being featured in Internet Hollywood’s 2016 #selfie magazine that is due to come out at the end of February.


It is pretty obvious why Cindy Moran was selected to be an Internet Hollywood celebrity. She’s beautiful, smart, down to earth, very social, and multi-talented. Most people are unaware that she also can sing and act. You will hear more about that when Internet Hollywood Radio returns in February.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on February 2nd at 9pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!

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