Model Cristal Catalina Could Receive 3 Nominations For Internet Hollywood Award In 2016

andrew reidPrince Vega – The never ending progress for Internet Hollywood models has become a battle as talented women from all over the world empower themselves to use their abilities to pull off some of the most amazing shoots. A perfect female demonstrating that fact is model Cristal Catalina who is soon going to have her own radio show on Internet Hollywood. She has repeatedly topped Internet Hollywood ‘top model’ billboard charts for over a year now, landing #1 in June, last year. Statistics from our previous record shows the model is now ranked #5 in our model celebrities list. The model had an unbreakable 10 month streak making her the longest streak holder recorded in Internet Hollywood.

Catalina remains one of the most powerful faces that stayed consistent when making choices that involved new photo shoots. Her active involvement in modeling helped her headline across our universe over four times last year, according to previous reports. She is now revisiting our front page for the 8th time, thanks to her endless strength that gave her the ability to work hard and gain more. Our second floor private committee predicts that the model will easily land up to three nominations in late 2016.

As Internet Hollywood prepares to relaunch our magazine series – Cristal may have tricks up her sleeve that may lead her in nominations in the upcoming year. There were countless rumors circulating before that Cristal was going to land #1 again alongside model Tygeria, Jessy Erinn, and Isabel Vinson. With the amount of force she continues to put on the neck of our digital universe we wouldn’t doubt. She continues to grow a strong relationship with our representatives that continues to vote in her favor when acknowledging how hard she works. The absolutely amazing photo was took by Andrew Reid Photography. Click Here to check out his absolutely awesome Instagram page!

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