Model Cristal Catalina In Talks With Prince Vega To Start Internet Hollywood Radio Show In September

cristal catalina picture 1Prince Vega – Cristal Catalina’s radio show on Internet Hollywood is approaching sooner than we think. The model is currently in talks with Prince Vega and is working out the timing of the radio show’s official premiere. Although it remains unclear when the radio show will air, it’s confirmed that the targeted month to shoot in is September. The reasons are not yet publicly known at this time.


Catalina’s interest in starting a show in Internet Hollywood has been high for quite sometime now. She has been very supportive to the brand and made a huge impact on our charts twice times in the past. The growing celebrity was published on Internet Hollywood 12 times since her debut back in 2014. She was also added to Prince Vega’s VIP celebrity list earlier this month with a selective amount of our most active celebrities.


Her success doesn’t really end there –  she was ranked the 5th top celebrity in Internet Hollywood back in May 2015. She has contributed greatly to the success of Internet Hollywood with her high level of support. She helped raised awareness of our website and we a truly thankful that she did.


Catalina has been keeping busy with dozens of photo shoots to make up for her absence in the past. She recently teamed up with Constantine’s Photos to pull off an astounding shoot that was executed perfectly on both sides. Cristal Catalina is one of the most influential figured inside of Internet Hollywood!


You can learn more about Cristal Catalina by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page every Tuesday at 8:30  p.m. (est).

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cristal catalina picture 2

Photography By Cantera Image

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