Model Crystal Rose Shows It All In New Photo Shoot With Photographer William Joseph

cristal editCrystal Rose is showing off her goodies in a steamy photo shoot that will leave you dying for a taste. The adorable model teamed up with Internet Hollywood headliner William Joseph to create an astounding set of photos that are now available to the public. We could only imagine what our reaction would be watching Crystal in action if we were in William’s shoes. There is no denying the nature of a woman as attractive as Crystal lying across our bed waiting to be captured on camera. Staring into her open eyes is enough to light our insides on fire with the flame she carries as a model. You could only applaud William’s effort in taking some incredible shots that he is now sharing with our universe. The magic that happens when William’s hands take control  of a camera is endless. We have been admiring the work coming from this incredible Internet Hollywood celebrity for over three months now and it keeps getting better. According to our ranking system, William Joseph is currently the #1 photographer and the 4th biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood. If William Joseph continues to make headlines at the pace he’s going now he will end up the #1 celebrity in Internet Hollywood by early next year. Check out some of William’s amazing work by clicking the link below!


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