Model D’Andrea Young gets covered in body paint in her new photo shoot with photographer Tobi Makinde

Photo Shoots – Independent Massachusetts model D’Andrea Young is receiving her very first publication on Internet Hollywood after showing me some pretty awesome photos she took from one of her latest photo shoots. She recently collaborated with Thatphotokid to pull off a body painting shoot after finding Milly Henry to do the body painting work for her. She told me she explained the concept of the shoot with Milly and the body painter brought the idea to life with the help of Tobi Makinde who took the pictures.


“It was a concept ive always wanted to create. so I search for a body painter and found her . her name is Milly Henry she is very personable and amazing at what she does. I told her my concept and she brought it to life. From the headpiece of assorted flowers down to the little details such as vines going up my leg. I then processed to let Tobi know I wanted to work with him on this particular shoot and he accepted. I was excited because this man’s EYES are amazing for capturing greatness.”


D’Andrea also explained how incredibly long the photo shoot was and how she was there from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m and was fascinated by how her body looked.


“It was such a great experience but it was SO LONGGGGG. I EXPECTED it to be long but not all day I got there at 9 am left at 9 pm … Long long day. during the shoot I was so fascinated with my body I wasn’t trying to mess it up in any way. So I was stiff and didn’t notice it until it was brought to my attention. So i had to get it together and loosen up because i knew this was a shoot ive been working on and i wasnt going to let myself ruin it.


She continued.

“I enjoyed every bit of the shoot. And my pictures came out amazing.”


I added all of the pictures this story so you could check them out. You could check out more work from D’Andrea and Tobi Makinde by following their pages below. I am also hoping to write more about both of them in the future.





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