Model Danica Eliseus discuss her underwater photo shoot with Jorge E. Gonzalez, wanting to work with Lone Vixen, how she spreads her name online and more

Beyond The Lens – I’m proud to finally share words with this rising model out of Connecticut by the name of Danica Eliseus. I recently had time to finish up an interview with the model during our busy weekdays to prepare myself for this story I pieced together for you all to read from the comfort of your own home.


I been keeping track of Eliseus’ progress and I find myself loving her collaborations with rising photographers more and more as she continues. I even got the model to speak about an underwater photo shoot she did with photographer Jorge E. Gonzalez a few months back. The model also revealed the names she wants to collaborate with, how she managed to branch out her name, upcoming projects and more. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Danica Eliseus*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Danica! It’s always an honor to speak with talented people I have been keeping an eye out for for quite sometime now. You are a familiar name to a lot of independent models I know in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut area. How did you manage to get your name to spread into different states?


Eliseus: Hello! It’s a pleasure to talk with you again! ???? . I have actually done a lot of traveling all over the country in my short life, and have made so many wonderful connections from Boston to Miami to Colorado to Cali and everywhere in between, but this was before I reconnected with my modeling. So I’m growing my modeling quicker than i thought because of it, which I have been so blessed with the opportunity to do so. But I think, in New England, i have Melissa from MCM Photography to thank for being the first photographer around here to take me under her wing around a year ago. I did my first glitter shoot with her, and our friendship has really taken off ever since. Thanks to her, I have met countless models and photographers all over the area. Instagram has also been a great tool, especially the account @newenglandmodelsnetwork who reposts models and photographers work to get their word out. I have worked with lots of people who had found me on there. It’s been pretty surreal how far I’ve come in such a short time simply because of the people i know, i can’t wait to see how much farther i can Go!


Internet Hollywood: What is the most important thing you keep in mind that keeps you focused on doing modeling at times you want to give up?


Eliseus: Honestly, I have my wonderful and loving boyfriend to thank for that. He consistently pushes me to keep at it, he gives me constructive criticism after all my shoots, and when I feel like quitting he reminds me of how happy i am when i come home from a shoot. He tells everyone he meets that his girlfriend is a model; even though my full time job is a manager of a retail shop. He keeps me going in everything i do, without his everlasting support i would have given up so long ago. I’m really lucky to have someone so supportive in my life, but as a word of advice to anyone who doesn’t think they have that same support – I think remembering that feeling you get after you finish a dope set, that feeling you get when you finally see the shots for the first time, that feeling is what will keep you going. How YOU make YOU feel, before anyone or anything else. You have every right to feel proud of yourself for it!


Internet Hollywood: You recently did a shocking underwater photo shoot with F-Stop Photo Studio that stunned everyone. How did that photo shoot come about?


Eliseus: That shoot was a literal dream come true for me. I had wanted to work with him for months, and suddenly he had a cancellation and I swooped in and snagged a spot. I had done 2 underwater shoots prior to that one, so i had a bit of experience which i think was really helpful. I gave pointers to the other model there, who has never done it before, and her shots turned out so amazing! I’m more happy for her and how well she did, than i am about how i did! But he’s an amazing photographer and i cant wait to work with him again! His concepts were brand new to me and I am actually in the works of having canvasses printed of those photos so i can have them hanging in my home- that’s how much i loved them haha! ( if he reads this — surprise! You’re amazing at your artwork!)


Internet Hollywood: How long and deep were you under the water?


Eliseus: The shoot took place at my old college actually! So i was luckily very familiar with the pool we used, and we stayed in the shallower end for the reflective background shots, and the black background was in the middle where i wasn’t able to touch the bottom. But with having some experience already, I knew not to go under with full lungs, as it makes you float and makes you have the feeling that you need to come up for air much quicker. I was able to stay under for about 30-45 seconds each time, and we were in the pool for about an hour in total. He must have snapped hundreds of photos that day! It was quite the experience.


Internet Hollywood: Are there other styles of modeling you wish to fulfill while your career as an independent model is still going strong?


Eliseus: I want to try anything and everything! I Love the concepts that Isabel Vinson comes up with for her group shoots, it’s artistic and imaginative. I would love to walk runway someday, although i know i am typically considered too short for most runways. I am also really into SFX and would love to explore those kind of creative concepts more in the near future!


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people coming up like you that you would love to work with?


Eliseus:  Oh man, this one is tough because every new model I see i want to work with! I haven’t done an actual co-model photo shoot with Isabel and I would love to some day – along with Haley Moss, Alex Yian, and obviously i always want to shoot with Lone Vixen (she’s my home girl ;D).


Internet Hollywood: What are some projects that you are working on now that will be out in the future?


Eliseus:  I’m actually currently working on my first calendar, featuring multiple photographers – but i won’t release the theme yet as it’s super secret ???? I’m actually also looking for an underwater photographer located in Guam for some shoots next month during my 2 week vacation. If you know anyone, send them my way! Aside from those, my main focus has been on my home life and full time job, so unfortunately my modeling has been living on the back burner for a little while – but won’t be for much longer!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; when you reach the level you seek as a model what’s the next chapter in the Danica Eliseus story?


Eliseus:  I would love to travel and share my story with as many people as possible – my mom is trying to convince me to write a book on my life because of everything I’ve gone through, but i haven’t decided if I want to yet – and just bring happiness and positivity to anyone who needs it. I am also a hoop dancer and my bucket list consists of hooping for free for anyone willing to watch in every corner of the world. If my modeling can bring me to that point, then I will be content with my life. I love seeing the smiles from strangers when they witness a form of dance and art that is not very well known. It’s an exhilarating feeling, especially when little kids get a burst of motivation to try something new. I just want to bring joy and peace to the world – hopefully my story can one day accomplish that. Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me! ???? I also did another boudoir shoot with Melissa last month and cannot wait to see and share them with everyone! I promise you will be blown away ???? haha.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Danica! We are definitely going to be looking out for it!


Eliseus has been published in Internet Hollywood right times since her first story in June. She has also made an appearance at Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year in Manchester, CT ON August 19th. I’m looking forward to seeing what the model has in store for the future. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open. I suggest everyone does the same as well!


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