Model Danica Eliseus discuss music she wants to hear at the Internet Hollywood Party on August 19th, participating in the casting call, being at the venue before and more!

LIVEWe just caught up with Connecticut model Danica Eliseus to discuss her upcoming appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Danica! We are days away from Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year and many people have told us they are nervous and excited about it. How are you feeling as the day approaches?


Eliseus: Well, I’m definitely more excited for it than I am nervous! Since I missed out on the first one, I can’t wait for this one, and it’s right down the street from me too! With how busy I have been lately running my tea shop, I actually have not had much time to plan for it yet! I will say though, that I decided on a dress the other day and cannot wait to rock it


Internet Hollywood: Now you have been to the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment before. Do you feel its the perfect place to throw a Internet Hollywood party?


Eliseus: I have been there before! I was an L.E.D. Hoop Performer for Gnarly X-Mas-Palooza a few years back, and it was a really awesome spot to throw a show! It was a secluded area from the cinemas. which are in fact still running movies, so it was pretty awesome to have that right next door. I’m really excited to see the renovations you’ve done to that theater! I think it’s such a perfect spot for an Internet Hollywood party, as it’s in a pretty secluded area of Manchester, there’s tons of parking and a good amount of space inside as well. I mean, how cool is it to have a party in a movie theater?!


Internet Hollywood: What kind of music do you feel the dj should play to get the party going?


Eliseus: I have a huge background of attending events of all kinds in my young adult years, so I am always pumped for anything with a good beat to it. With how diverse everyone attending is, I hope he/she plays a little bit of everything dance related! I’m a fan of the underground – electronic dance music of all different kinds of sub-genres, but also some top hits are always cool with me.


Internet Hollywood: A news story recently came out revealing that you will be participating in a fashion runway casting call. I believe this also your first one. How are you feeling about that? 


Eliseus: yes! I definitely will be doing the casting call for it and I think it will be a lot of fun! I’ve done a couple of fashion “shows” or parties before, but never an actual runway, so I think it’s an awesome opportunity! However, I will be leaving for a vacation in Guam for 2 weeks in October, so I don’t think I will be able to actually attend the fashion show that this casting call is for. I’m still going to give it a shot anyways!


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain from this event and do you feel more like them will be important?


Eliseus:  I am hoping to just really have fun honestly! I haven’t had many days off lately while managing my shop almost all 7 days a week, so it’s also unfortunately put my modeling on the back burner. Having a good time and being able to take my mind off of my daily life is what i’m most looking forward to from this night. I am also hoping to make some new connections with a variety of talent in the industry so i can hopefully bring my art back to the top of my priorities list. I have lots of creative photo-shoot concepts in mind, and am looking for some new photographers that i can best portray these ideas with. This kind of event is definitely important to everyone in every level of this industry, because what most of us lack is the proper connections. This is going to be that perfect way for everyone to connect and have fun while they’re at it! With that being said, I demand at least one Internet Hollywood party a year ;D


Internet Hollywood: Thank You Dani!


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