Model Danica Eliseus to walk in the fashion runway models casting call at the Internet Hollywood Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Model Danica Eliseus will be setting her wings to fly in the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment theater on August 19th. She was one of the first models to say she was coming to the party and have even got others to come along for the ride as well. The model has been very excited for the event and have been keeping in contact with actively since late last month.


Eliseus is definitely a model that I could predict will get in on the photo shoots. There are dozens of people that she’s connected with that have been published on Internet Hollywood in the past. My only assumption would be her recreating the same magic as before at the event with talented photographers that she has done shoots with in the past. I would also like to see her in action with photographers she has never worked with before.


Eliseus is also getting something special done for the party as well. I can’t disclose what that would be exactly but she definitely knows what and she’s very excited about it. Thanks to MCM Photography we were able to sort out what image we were going to use for this special idea I have.


I look forward to meeting Dani Eliseus for the very first time at our upcoming event. I have spoken to Eliseus many of times and find her to be an awesome person that also supports me and Internet Hollywood!


~*~*Links & Credits*~*~

Dani Eliseus:  Instagram

Photographer: Day Photography

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