Model Danica Eliseus will be appearing at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th

Coming Up – Connecticut model Danica Eliseus will be bringing her talent to the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment on August 19th in Manchester, CT. The model has been telling me she was going to make an appearance at the party and I’m finally aware that is a reality. Danica Eliseus not only have a ticket for herself. She has been spreading the word about the party and making some money in the process.


There is no telling at this point if Eliseus will decide to participate in the photo shoots or not. If I could roll the dice on this one I would assume so. It will be hard for me to imagine so much action happening in one place and a model as talented as her chooses not to get involved. One thing I’m looking forward to is hearing her talk with our news reporters at the event. Hearing Eliseus’s thoughts that night is something I definitely am looking out for.


Eliseus is a very familiar name to a lot of models I published about in the past. She has been in many collaborations with people who have found their way to the front page of Internet Hollywood in the past. This photos featured in this story was taken by MCM Photography. Melissa of MCM Photography will also be attending the Internet Hollywood that night.


The event will include photo shoots, a casting call, a dj, live performances, interviews /w Internet Hollywood reporters and more. Submitted photos that are selected from this event will be featured in the October issue of Internet Hollywood Magazine. If you are interested in getting tickets from the event click the highlighted link below.


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Dani Eliseus:  Instagram

MCM Photography: Facebook  –  Instagram

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