Model Danja discuss pushing herself beyond her limit, her favorite hairstyles, her mother influencing her and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Danja just schooled us on some of her background stories in a recent interview we wrapped up on Friday. I have been working on getting an interview for Danja for months and was finally able to do it when she had the time to. I have been following her work for a while and I admire what she does and all she has done in the past to build her brand to higher ground. I have been connected with her through Facebook for years and she never fell off the grind she has put in her work. This only made me more anxious to interview her. I hope you enjoy reading!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Danja*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Dasia!? It has been a while since we really had a chat so I made sure I wrote up some questions to send you. You are one of the upcoming independent models that I really enjoy checking up on because your work is something worth talking about. You have so many eyeopening shoots on your Instagram that I would have a long list if I were to detail which of your pictures are favorites of mine. How has the progress been in the independent modeling field now that you are in a new year?


Danja: It’s been a great learning experience, I’ve had some up and downs but most of y’all I’ve come into my own creative being!


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on trying out any new things now that you’re in a new year?


Danja: I’m planning on pushing my self to my limit and beyond. There’s so many options and opportunities to explore, and I want to explore them all.’if you don’t push your boundaries you never know what you’re capable of.


Internet Hollywood: One thing I always liked about you is how you explore so many of different hairstyles on your page. You never seem to be afraid to express your beauty in a variety of forms on your social media pages. What is your favorite hairstyle out of all the hairstyles you have done and is there a line you don’t cross when it comes to your hair?


Danja: My favorite style so far has been my hair cut. I did the big chop recently and I rocked it multi colored, bright vibrant to plain black. It brings out me, shows my sensual sides screams natural beauty, and self-love!

Internet Hollywood: What has been your biggest challenge in the independent modeling world so far?


Dasia: I think trying to stay original and not caring about what others may say about my art because it’s me and I have to love regardless of if others understand it or approve.


Internet Hollywood: It isn’t hard to tell by your pictures that you have a taste for fashion. Adding that along with everything else you do really makes me wonder, when did this love for fashion and modeling start and what influenced you to want to do it?


Danja: My mother! She was always creative and pushed her children to express themselves the way they knew how. Through modeling, I feel seen and heard it’s the way I communicate what I’m feeling inside.


Internet Hollywood: How does an upcoming model avoid drama or negative feedback when pursuing her goals?


Danja: FOUR WORDS! Stay true to you!!!!!


Internet Hollywood: Since the Internet has become such a great platform for people to market themselves many people have decided to stay on the independent path instead of signing with an agency. Do you wish to sign to an agency or stay independent?


Danja: Right now stay independent because I have a voice and say and the creative freedom! Maybe one day I’ll choose to sign to a great company.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the things that you are working on now?


Danja: Right now I’m exploring all my talents , I write music which is a big hidden talent that I want to master this year, I’m pushing my creative limits with modeling and I’m hoping to start my own skin care business, still in the work but it’s something that I believe ppl will love because it says Dasia all the way!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Danja!


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