Model Devin Grant Shows Off Her Gorgeous Abs In Calvin Klein Shoot With Bella Donna

devin kleinPrince VegaBella Donna is showing the world exactly why she remains one of the best photographers in our generation. Recently our journalists discovered a stunning new photo shoot in her photo album that included the amazing photographer Bella Donna.  In the featured black & gray image the model upper body appears to be arched against a white sheet on top of a mattress. You can see Grant’s gorgeous body easing her way out of a pair of jeans displaying the Calvin Klein label across her underwear. (featured image)

As November 18th approaches you can expect Grant’s name to be mentioned repeatedly before the relaunch of Internet Hollywood radio on Wednesday. She is one of the newest celebrities promoted to digital stardom after receiving  11 out of thirteen committee votes from our voting team~solidifying her debut as our newest model.

All the accomplishments that comes out of the hard work Grant puts in to expand her career is worth taking notes on. The 26 year old fitness addict is 5′ 3″, 110 lbs, and open for dozens of modeling roles and acting. The following genres she does are listed below:

grant 1Acting
Fit Modeling
Promotional Modeling
Spokesperson / Host

We still would have to credit Bella Donna Photography for the amazing work she did in this wonderful collaboration with Grant. Art is found in the eyes of the creator and this was a perfect example to show how team work creates the magical moments in every photo shoot. We would love to welcome the beautiful Devin Grant to the Internet Hollywood universe.

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devin 2

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